Jun 13 2018
07:37 am

The South Knoxville rebirth continues with the latest announcement of a new retail space anchored by a grocery market at the former Bondurant Bros. appliance and electronics warehouse/store. The property is located at 906 Sevier Ave., diagonally across from South Knoxville Elementary. At least part of the building will be demolished for the project.

Inside of Knoxville has the scoop...

Trivia: At one time there were three grocery stores along that stretch of Sevier Ave. King's (now Alliance Brewing), White Store (now Uncle Lem's outdoor outfitters) and Parker's (I believe it was called) right across the street from South Knoxville Elementary. It was more of an old country store, and is now vacant. I believe there were plans to develop it into office/retail with residential upstairs, but I'm not sure what ever happened with that.

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I hope this project works

I hope this project works out. It is needed.

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