While the CDC recommends updated shots for everyone ages 6 months and up, Barouch said he’s particularly worried about low uptake among older adults and people who are immunosuppressed or have pre-existing medical issues.

A new Covid variant has become dominant amid slow uptake of the updated shots

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I wonder how well cases are

I wonder how well cases are getting counted and reported.

In just the past week I've encountered several people in my neighborhood reporting Covid-19 cases and one death. One woman reported a friend from a nearby county, probably in their 60s, recently died from Covid-19. Then she said an elderly relative is just now getting discharged after having a bad case. Another person reported their daughter living near Nashville has a bad case, after returning home from a trip. Finally, a local couple both had Covid-19 a couple of weeks ago. This couple has had Covid-19 more than once. They don't care.

Be careful out there. Get vaccinated.

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Heard anything about the vaccine Novavax?

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Not positive, but,

It looks like they're piggybacking a protein that stimulates an immune response on the back of some sort of introductory agent, instead of using MRNA vaccines.

If I'm reading this correctly. I have heard of this quite a bit in cancer research.

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