Did y'all see this? What are your thoughts? I know there seems to be a disconnect between the legislators and the TNDP but this seems counter-productive.


bizgrrl's picture

"As Powell notes, there are

"As Powell notes, there are thousands more Democrats in, say, Sen. Jeff Yarbro’s Nashville district, than there are in Maryville Republican Sen. Art Swann’s district, yet the two have equal representation on the party’s executive committee."

Well, I'm not so happy they picked our district as not so good. Our district is getting better, maybe they should leave it alone. We have our first African American, female, strong Democrat on county commission. In Alcoa, we have our first African-American female, strong Democrat on city commission (maybe first female and first Democrat).

R. Neal's picture

Also, think Blount Co. had

Also, think Blount Co. had Democrats on the ballot for every office but one for the midterms. Seemed like progress to me.

WhitesCreek's picture

The proposal seems to

The proposal seems to allocate by Democratic votes in the previous election and not by people in the District. This is strange for a party named "Democratic".

bizgrrl's picture

Also, isn't that sorta how

Also, isn't that sorta how Trump won? His opponent ignoring the rural areas? In Tennessee there are only heavy numbers of Democrats in the big cities.

fischbobber's picture

I'm torn.

I'm not very savvy on the details of these sorts of things, but a few things lend to questions.

We have some real solid Democratic areas and officeholders. Is there a legal means by which they could meet to shape policy and develop a nine county strategy? We are losing seats we could win. Often, in retrospect, mistakes are obvious. The 500 pound gorilla is "Do you think any of the young, or experienced officials could benefit by getting Madeline Rogero's views on modern local politics?"

I get that it's every bit as unethical to try to stack this process in favor of our immediate area as it is to stack it for another, but, I'd had to lose the funding and influence if that's , in fact, what it turned out to be.

I wouldn't call this a rural strategy, I'd call it a level2/3density with a common vision.

All that rambling being traveled, is the present system still serving the needs of the body constituent? If not, why not? Should it be scrapped or fixed? Are you sure you can fix it? How much? How much is a new one? Will it work?

Most importantly, if the Democrats are to survive as a disorganized political party we must learn bonded civil discourse after the primaries. Undecideds read the forums we participate in. As do Republicans. Most of what elected officials do is keep the lights on. Roads repaired. Schools staffed and functioning at the highest standard achievable. Park's maintained, cleaned, and open. That includes toilet paper. Movements to change policy or advance an agenda tend to work somewhat more slowly, though recent political strategies have advanced the concept of speeding the process. We should commit to a bonded philosophy, one that I inadvertently stated to a Hillary hater, who was having Trump remorse, but still committed to his hatred of Hillary. When he asked how to justify his vote I said,"The lesser of two evils is still the lesser of two evils."

All of us want more than the "lesser of two evils," yet we each have a different vision of how things should be done. We don't have to work together, we must merely tolerate better. Sometimes being better every day involves big leaps and gains. Some days it means taking satisfaction by finally getting shelf space by throwing out the six year old pancake mix. We should learn to be excellent to each other.

Learn from the Schnauzers.

yellowdog's picture

The executive committee itself may be a problem

since it voted overwhelmingly for the person who was head of the TNDP but who was not supported by many of the new and younger Democratic candidates for the legislature and Congress. If the people who ran for office did not think well of the support they got from the party, maybe the Exec. Committee should have paid attention to their opinions.

This may have nothing to do with the proposal at hand but the recent decisions by the Exec. Committee do not lead me to think giving it more power is a good plan....

Mark Harmon's picture

Clarifying Things

I serve on the Tennessee Democratic Party Executive Committee, recently re-elected by voters in the Seventh State Senate District. Let me clarify some points on this thread.

* The proposal in question is going nowhere. I see nothing coming that will change the policy of electing executive committee members from districts mirroring state senate districts (two per district, one male and one female).

* Democratic performance is a factor in the allocation of number of delegates to national conventions.

* All indicators are up: fundraising, number of candidates, candidate training, baseline vote, quality of voter databases, and mediated contacts. For the first time in 22 years we finished an election with more Democratic state legislators, not fewer.

Slow progress can test one's patience, but anyone can join the efforts in your county by getting active in the party, helping candidates, running yourself, etc.

All the best, Mark Harmon

Perry Aubric's picture

Further Clarifying

Mr. Harmon, with all due respect, you and your fellow Executive Committee members are a major part of the problem for Democrats in Tennessee. If you are seriously sitting there telling me that a net gain of exactly one seat -- one seat! -- in the General Assembly in a blue wave year is some major accomplishment, then you really need to remove your head from your posterior, get out of denial and smell the coffee. The TNDP has given us nothing but a record of unparalleled failure for years and years, and crowing about gains in "all indicators" is ludicrous.

Here is the most important indicator: winning elections. And we are not winning elections in Tennessee. We are still in a super minority, and one seat net gain doesn't do much for us. And Bob Freeman can tell you that he won his seat in Middle Tennessee with virtually no help from you.

And the Executive Committee is an absolute joke. You and your fellow EC members do absolutely nothing to help this party. The overwhelming majority of you neither contribute to the party nor raise money for it. You don't do one damn thing to build up and support the county parties in your districts. You pat yourselves on the back for talking to each other about what great Democrats you are and spinning your wheels at meetings, seem very pleased with yourselves for acting like big dogs in an increasingly smaller and smaller dog shelter, vote yourselves into delegate seats at the national convention in your deliberately arcane system of delegate selection process, and otherwise strut around like you are accomplishing something when you as a group haven't got any accomplishments to point to.

You just elected for a third term a chair who, by any objective measure, has been an abject total failure. This was done despite the near-unanimous support of the constituent groups we rely on for any hope for the future -- the county chairs, the college Democrats, the Young Democrats, organized labor and others -- for a change.

It's broke, fix it! But you wouldn't because those groups along with what few elected Democrats we have in this state -- you know, the Democrats who actually have been elected and who know what it takes to get elected -- urged you to oust this failed chair in favor of someone else. And the attitude of you and the other worthless, unproductive, incompetent and ineffective dead weight on the EC was to get your vain, smug little noses in a snit and let those people know that "nobody tells us what to do!"

Well, you damn well better start listening to somebody other than just each other. Because the EC is just doing the same thing over and over again with no better results. That's the textbook definition of insanity.

Maybe this bill is not the best way to approach making a wholesale change. But a change in the way you and your fellow failures do business is desperately needed. Maybe we would be better to abolish the existing EC and try something totally new.

Mark Harmon's picture

Scattershot Ad Hominem

Dear Perry,
Welcome to KnoxViews. I have been posting on this site for many years, and using my own name for full accountability.
I'm not sure where to begin with your whopping, wholesale name calling about Executive Committee members, but if you are that upset please take the opportunity to run.
Let me say your critique is particularly ill fitting when applied to me. I contribute to both the state and local party, work for candidates and contribute to them, and have run myself (serving a term on our county commission after defeating an incumbent Republican).
Sometimes on the road from 36% to 51% you may need to make a pit stop at 44% on the way. It can be frustrating, but better familiarity with the numbers could lead to a more optimistic reading. We welcome both your input and your discovery, but blurting and finger pointing only benefit the trolls who seek to divide.

Cordially yours, Dr. Mark Harmon

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