Apr 1 2019
07:16 am

The NFL was planning to cut down 21 cherry trees in downtown Nashville [at Riverfront Park] to build a temporary stage for the NFL draft, but public outcry has led to a change of plans.

Most of the trees will be moved instead of cut, but some trees will still be cut.

The annual Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival will be held on April 13, and it is a bad look for the league to cut down nearly a third of the trees at Riverfront Park shortly before the festival.

Butch Spyridon, president and CEO of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp, adds, "The NFL Draft will be the largest event in the city’s history and will have significant economic return for Davidson County."

The NFL event happens once a year. Wonder why they couldn't use the park across the river next to the Titans stadium. They could have spent lots of money on pretty backdrops. I can imagine what a smaller city would allow if only they could get such an event in their town. Oh well.

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Cherry Trees

I can imagine what a smaller city would allow if only they could get such an event in their town.

Rumor has it that our first President had to deal with Cherry Tree issues. Gosh, if we don't learn from the past we may be doomed to repeat it. As for Knoxville, we are still trying to find our way since we lost out on the South Knox Rodeo. The economic impact could well have dwarfed that of the NFL draft.

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