Jun 8 2013
06:51 am

A reader writes that at approx. 9:30 PM last night his family heard a large boom in the Seymour area. "It was heard by several other family members in the same area, about 6 miles apart."

He contacted the SCSO and they advised him that there had been similar reports in the past but that "no one seemed to know what it was."

He goes on to say "This actually shook our windows and vibrated the dining room table. We have heard this before several months ago along with our neighbors. It is not fireworks or gun shots. I am a former police officer and can tell the difference. This seems to sound like it comes from above."

Anyone else hear anything? Wonder if there's any blasting going on in the area. According to the USGS, the only recent earthquake activity in the region was at 6:28 AM yesterday in Sylva, NC. Haven't noticed any military fighter jet activity at the Air National Guard base lately, but they're not supposed to go supersonic anyway.

F-Stop's picture

It's the ultra secret

It's was the ultra secret supersonic B5 Obama-copter loaded with UN Shock Troops to enforce the new healthcare mandates and set up mandatory gun registration. [/Alex Jones]

reform4's picture

And don't forget...

... they're here to install that mysterious Rogero rain tax that never came.


fischbobber's picture

Fighter pilots

Fighter pilots don't always do what they're supposed to during training missions. It would certainly be a logical explanation, though not one I'm sure I'd complain about. Not that I'm paranoid or anything.

Greg H's picture

Karst collapse?

When there were reports of similar booms or suspected earthquakes in Franklin, a geologist interviewed on TV said it was likely a "karst collapse" - an underground collapse of the room of a cave chamber.

Up Goose Creek's picture

new developments

Both are locations with a lot of new development - Franklin especially. Could this be caused by changes in the water drainage patterns?

LizaaA's picture

same thing in Columbus Indiana Jun 11 2013

We just heard the same thing in Columbus Indiana at 9:30pm. I was in the shower, but I heard the whole house shake like someone in it knocked over a table. My family said it came from outside. No tree branches fell. We live about 10 -15 miles from Camp Atterbury, a very active military hold/training site.

JaHu's picture

Bad Chemical Smell

There is a bad chemical smell in my neighborhood in south Knoxville. Any one else experiencing this?

bizgrrl's picture

They are supposed to start

They are supposed to start spraying for mosquitos in South Knoxville. However, they are not supposed to start until tomorrow night. Did they start early?

JaHu's picture

Maybe, but it doesn't smell

Maybe, but it doesn't smell like any mosquito spray I've smelled before.

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