Jul 24 2019
08:14 am
By: bizgrrl

Very interesting.

Democrats doing a good job.


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Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, R-PA,

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, R-PA, just called Mueller un-American. 3 hrs 18 min.

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I'm eagerly anticipating the

I'm eagerly anticipating the suggestion that Mueller's confused, doddering and evasive performance today shows that he wasn't up to the job, and that therefore we need...a new special counsel investigation!

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Maybe Mueller would have been

Maybe Mueller would have been a lot better off if Donna Brazile had fed him the questions in advance. Hard to say.

Y'all that own stock in companies selling "It's Mueller Time" merchandise might be taking a sizable hit.

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In response to discussion on

In response to discussion on Trump's tweets praising wikileaks, Mueller said it would be a boost to what is and should be illegal activity. 2 hr, 7 min.

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"Aid and comfort."

"Aid and comfort."

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Pelosi said to be softening

Pelosi said to be softening on impeachment, allegedly told caucus that any members whose constituents support it have the green light.

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If so its a clever move by

If so its a clever move by Pelosi, who will know that when she releases those Democrats from Trump-leaning districts from going along, as reportedly she is doing, her caucus won't have the votes to actually forward an impeachment resolution. She can feed her angry base with false hope while preserving her members in swing districts.

Well played. Just don't get your hopes up for impeachment.

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let it RIP

trump may or may not face prosecution (for who knows what) after he is no longer in political power, but if history is any indication former POTUS will get a soft landing pad. russiagate histrionics have been and will continue to be a "Total Loser!" for anyone who wants to fight and win against the GOP. there are plenty of much more awful things he could be impeached for, but the house is too conservative to do it. let it RIP

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