Apr 18 2019
11:51 am
By: bizgrrl

From NPR,

Access to the full Mueller Report, redacted.

138 MG, 448 pages.

UPDATE: Regarding the investigation into obstruction of justice...


Because we determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgment, we did not draw ultimate conclusions about the President’s conduct. The evidence we obtained about the President’s actions and intent presents difficult issues that would need to be resolved if we were making a traditional prosecutorial judgement. At the same time, if we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the President clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state. Based on the facts and the applicable legal standards, we are unable to reach that judgment. Accordingly, while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him."

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In other words, they suspect

In other words, they suspect he's committed a crime, they just don't have enough evidence to prosecute?

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My understanding is that

My understanding is that Mueller wrote that since a sitting President can't be indicted he could not bring obstruction charges (which essentially means he punted to Congress, who is the only body that can deal with this now). He specifically said that if could exonerate the President, he would do so. But he couldn't.

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I've had a report that John

I've had a report that John is a pedophile. I've talked to all of John's friends,and they haven't given any info that would support it. Similarly nothing in John's past suggests he's a pedophile. However,I cannot exonerate John, because while I can't find any evidence that he IS, there similarly isn't any concrete evidence that he ISN'T. I mean, if I could positively say he wasn't a pedophile I'd be happy to say so,but I just don't have the evidence to prove that he isn't.

The presumption of innocence is why a statement that a prosecutor "cannot exonerate" a suspect is silly and suspect. It is the job of a prosecutor to prosecute, not to exonerate. The fact that Mueller didn't recommend prosecution, in and of itself, is exoneration because in the absence of a prosecution and conviction Trump, like any other American, is innocent.

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Read (or just skim through)

Read (or just skim through) the "obstruction" section of the report and get back to us.

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Was Hillary guilty?

I remember James Comey laying out an extensive bill of particulars regarding Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server. Was Hillary guilty?

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Lock her up?

Lock her up?

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"No reasonable prosecutor..."

"No reasonable prosecutor..."

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Trump's culture of lying and

Trump's culture of lying and bullying is disgusting. After reading some of this report and seeing how blatant Trump's dishonesty and corruption has been, it is disappointing that everybody is not outraged at the conduct of the President. We teach our kids to be honest and treat deserving people with respect. We deserve an honest leader that does not lie constantly and that does not act like a baffoon. There is no excuse for defending the President. Anybody that still supports our dangerous and mentally ill President can be blamed for the irrefutable damage he is doing to our country.They are either ignorant and in denial or they are evil and immoral just like him. Either way, they are contributing to the destruction of our country. Every day that he serves as our President our democracy is weakened and it gets closer to the point of no return.

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We may well run out of

We may well run out of tinfoil for the hats we'll need over the course of the next 6 years.

It's a rare thing that an attempted coup also poses as high comedy.

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Richard Nixon was a smart and

Richard Nixon was a smart and capable man. He had many qualifications to prepare him for the Presidency. He served in the House and Senate. He was V-P for 8 years under Eisenhower. His knowledge about our government was evident in his televised debates with Kennedy. Although he made many bad decisions as President he did have many accomplishments as President. He started the EPA and OSHA. He opened up relations between the U.S. and China. He negotiated the SALT 1 Treaty with the Soviet Union. He had many other accomplishments that today's Republican Party would disown. Regardless of any accomplishments, Watergate proved Nixon was a crook. The Nixon tapes revealed a lying, scheming, and corrupt President. Donald Trump has never had any knowledge of how our government works. He does not have the knowledge it takes to be the most powerful person in the world. He refuses to read or be briefed or learn anything that would help him make better decisions in his job. His actions toward Russia, Saudi Arabia, NATO, etc. prove he is not looking out for American interests in the world. Every day he is working to destroy America's democracy by stoking the angers of white nationalists, caging little children, encouraging violence against his opponents, etc. The Mueller report reveals just how corrupt and dangerous Trump is to our democracy. Trump's actions are definitely grounds for impeachment and removal. Republicans in Congress have not had the guts to do the right thing and stand up to their corrupt and immoral President. They know he is not qualified to be President. They know he is mentally ill and a danger to our country but they value their political future more than doing the honest and right thing. Impeachment might not be the best thing for Democrats re-election in 2020, but they need to uphold their oath, and they have a the duty of overseeing criminals in the White House. They need to have the guts to do what is right. No matter, let us all hope and pray Trump will not be President on January 21, 2021. Our democracy depends on that.

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I am sure many people agree

I am sure many people agree with you. Groups such as Alliance Defending Freedom, America's Promise Ministries, American Freedom Party, and of course, and the KKK would cheer you on. Most of the Republicans in Congress would probably cheer you even though they know Trump is a nut, a crook, and not qualified to be President. They are afraid to challenge him for political or personal reasons. Removing a corrupt President like Trump a coup? Removing him would be following the intent of our Constitution. A coup would be something Trump's hero Putin did in Crimea.

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I laughed at the part where

I laughed at the part where Knoxoasis constructed an allegory where "nothing in his past would indicate this kind of behavior."

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I'm thinking the reason they

I'm thinking the reason they didn't produce a finding of collusion/conspiracy was because of the obstruction.

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The observation of the day.


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Doesn't this section of the

Doesn't this section of the report imply that this investigation isn't over, and anyone involved, if there was obstruction, will not be protected after Trump is out of office.

"Vol. II, Page 2: Second, while the O.L.C. opinion concludes that a sitting president may not be prosecuted, it recognizes that a criminal investigation during the president’s term is permissible. The O.L.C. opinion also recognizes that a president does not have immunity after he leaves office. And if individuals other than the president committed an obstruction offense, they may be prosecuted at this time."

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