Jul 12 2006
02:04 pm

First, an update on Balliro's Italian Ice Sorbetto that I mentioned here a while back. I noticed it hadn't been available at Kroger for a while, and they frequently run out at Food City.

I called Balliro's and someone who sounded like Mr. Balliro himself said there was a distribution issue with Kroger, but they are working it out and he expects it will be back in their stores next year. He said Food City still carries it, and Fresh Market was probably the best place to find it.

(He seemed like a really nice guy, and asked if I was Italian because I pronounced 'sorbetto' correctly and people rarely do. Never been mistaken for an Italian before.)

Anyway, when we can't get Balliro's Italian Ice Sorbetto, the fallback treat is Popsicles. Having become quite the connoisseur of frozen flavored-water treats, here are some Popsicle tips and observations.

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First, I prefer the Mayfield's PopStix brand to the traditional (and original) Popsicle brand. The Mayfield brand has more flavor, and a smoother texture. Plus, Mayfield's PopStix are individually wrapped with color coded/printed labels so you can easily find the flavor you want. Popsicles all come in a generic white plastic wrapper, regardless of flavor.

On the down side, PopStix have slightly more calories (50) and carbs (12g) than Popsicles (40 and 10g). But either way, that's practically nothing. It's like eating watermelon.

Another plus for Popsicles are the silly riddles printed on the sticks. But I don't buy frozen treats for the riddles. (I think it is also part of some kind of contest where you can win prizes, but silly riddles are all I've ever seen.)

On thing that puzzles me is that Mayfield offers a banana flavor, but does not include them in the regular assortment of grape, cherry, and orange. You have to buy a whole box of banana flavor. Not that I care, because I never much saw the attraction of banana Popsicles (or PopStix). But I'd probably rather have banana in the assortment than grape.

And if they're going to sell whole boxes of a single flavor, I wish they'd also offer orange. That's my favorite. Maybe the stores should have Popsicle buying clubs, where folks with different favorite flavors can make group purchases of three boxes at a time and divide them up by flavor.

The other thing is that the stores never seem to have a 12 pack of PopStix. You have to get a 24 pack. Not that there's anything wrong with that, because we go through them pretty fast. But that big old box makes it too tempting to have more than you should at one time.

OK, then.

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Wife and I bought

Wife and I bought some Balliro's after trying samples being given out at Fresh Market.  Agreed it is quite excellent and we were impressed that they are local and that the elderly gentleman providing the samples was affiliated with the company and Italian-American himself (or so we thought). 

I had forgotten that I first read about it right here, but googled it and was linked back to your original post!  We have been buying lemon, but all the flavors sampled tasted great.

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Pronunciation-- it's a good thing

Congratulations on fooling the Italian, but can you say sherbert?

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 Another summer frozen


Another summer frozen treat that is refreshingly delicious , longlasting and

drip-proof:  frozen grapes!

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I do need to wean myself
off all this Rocky Road.

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Banana Popsicle

I have such a craving for a banana popsicle. I'm from East TN, but now living in Buffalo,NY. No one here has even heard of a banana popsicle! I have threatened to have my Mom ship some up here if I can't find them soon.LOL

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 No banana Popsicles in


No banana Popsicles in Buffalo, NY?  Good Lord, how uncivilized!

My cousin and his wife recently moved from East Tennessee to Corpus Christi, Texas, and are lamenting the fact that there is no Mayfield’s milk or cottage cheese.  A waitress also informed them that, "This is Texas, Honey . . . not The South.  We don't serve sweet tea here."

A Google search reveals a multitude of "banana pop" recipes.  Somehow, though, I'm sure they're not as satisfying as the real thing - except maybe that one that calls for vodka. 

Verbosity leads to unclear, inarticulate things. - Dan Quayle

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When I first read this, the image of popsicles mostly just conjured up old memories.  The old 'sicles just don't compete with good ice cream, for me.  But I had forgotten about Edy's Fruit Bars we discovered last summer, until wifey found them again and brought home a box last week.  They are really excellent.  Last summer we only tried Strawberry, but this box is assorted with Strawberry, Lime, and "Wild Berry."  The lime is as good as the strawberry.

If you like Barillo's and popsicles/Stix, I predict you'll love Edy's fruit bars.  Pick up some when you get your Amy's frozen pizza. ;>)

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Thanks for the tip, FC. I

Thanks for the tip, FC. I will try them out.

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I'm sad to say that

I'm sad to say that Balliro's is bankrupt and no longer in business :-(

Mr. Balliro died inexpectedly last year.

R. Neal's picture

Sad news. Wondered why his

Sad news. Wondered why his product was disappearing.

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