Jun 23 2010
04:17 pm


The state's decision on the future of State Route 475, also known as the Knoxville Beltway and the Orange Route, will be announced Friday afternoon.

Because you can't build a truck stop on a bridge running through downtown Knoxville.

UPDATE: Won't be built after all.

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Given (1) the decrease in


(1) the decrease in auto miles traveled, and

(2) the state's horrible budgetary outlook

what's the case for shelling out all that money for another highway?

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as usual, jobs. jane jacobs

as usual, jobs.

jane jacobs argues that, in times of economic distress, jobs are always given as the reason for economic development.

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Because you can't build a

Because you can't build a truck stop on a bridge running through downtown Knoxville.

Perfect analysis.

what's the case for shelling out all that money for another highway?

I'd love to hear WUOT's Matt Shafer Powell ask that of the GOP candidates for governor. Bet they wouldn't give the same frugality defense they provided today for keeping our state's regressive taxes on food.

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those responses to the

those responses to the questions - almost identical - were unbelievably lame. basically, all the candidates responded that lowering the tax on groceries might be possible when/if the economy picked up. no one could provide an answer as to how the grocery tax could be reduced. i could immediately think of one good answer that wouldn't demand an income tax: raise the taxes on luxury vehicles based on weight and engine size. it was done during the reagan administration, so why not now?

i also don't understand why the green party candidate, howard spitzer, is not included among the candidates. he would definitely have a different take on the issue.

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what i fear most is the

what i fear most is the continuation of the 'knoxville beltway' through south knoxville, wiping out vital tree cover and adding more unneeded 'convenience' retail. i predict that the approval of the beltway completion will be this city/county administration's final gift to knoxville.

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I thought McWherter's

I thought McWherter's response was at least heads and shoulders above those by the other three. Too bad he wasn't more bold, but in a very red state where the voting rate vs. income is probably tilted toward the "haves" much more than the "have nots," I think it was the clear winner.

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This issue had essentially

This issue had essentially dropped off my radar screen.

Does anyone have a good feel for where it's headed?

Friday afternoon is a curious time to make an announcement.

As I suggested above, I think an even stronger case can be made against this project than three years ago. But what do I know?

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