Jul 15 2006
11:02 am

According to the Orlando Sentinel, she gives her campaign $3 million, then withdraws $100,000 for home repairs. She'll repay it, if necessary, or sell the house.

"I have never heard of a candidate taking money out of a campaign coffer like it's an ATM. It absolutely boggles my mind," former Harris campaign manager Jim Dornan said.

Tess's picture

Read "Washington Babylon" in

Read "Washington Babylon" in this month's (August 2006) Vanity Fair.

She had better be consulting Martha Stewart on decorating her cell.  The Feds have the goods on her and the hammer is coming down soon.

Anonymous's picture

I thought

we were in July 2006? When you say this months (August 2006) that is a bit premature

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Can't think of a more deserving person

If one could consider her a "person." I guess I like "witch" as a descriptive noun a bit better. ;)

Les Jones's picture

Between this

 and the mass staff resignation, I can't imagine many people less suited for public office. If there's a televised debate with her opponent it ought to make for good entertainment.

Hey, Les, why don't we just call each other assholes and get it over with. - Somebody on the old (if that was you, claim your quote and win net.fame!)

Tess's picture

Hmmm. Heads up anon...

Start looking at magazines when you are at Walmart check out line!  They have a publication date of a month later than it really is (the fresh ones do, anyway). Imagine that!  Can't explain it, write  president Bush and ask him why that is, why don't you? 

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Tess. You normally read your magazines in the Walmart checkout line and never purchase them. do you?

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Hornback alert

Either Brian Hornback has returned or someone's trying to give him a run for most fatuous moron ever to post here.

Eleanor A's picture

You think

Hornback considers the fact a lot of left-leaning folks don't go to Wal-Mart?

Naaah. That'd be too much stress on the gray matter.

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