Jul 15 2006
08:18 am

Responding to the revelation during their recent debate that none of the three GOP candidates were familiar with the long running North Shore Road controversy, Harold Ford Jr. said they are "clueless".

In other news, the Knoxville News Sentinel has posted their editorial board Harold Ford, Jr. podcast. Other candidate interviews are here.

Based on the GOP primary, Ford predicts an ugly campaign. There's also something amusing early on. They were discussing a KNS sponsored debate in October, and Ford said that he would not be a part of it if "Greg" is involved. Presumably he is talking about KNS "conservative" columnist Greg Johnson. I thought he was joking at first, but he was serious and quite adamant.

The KNS said Greg will not be part of the debate, and started to explain that he is a "freelance columnist, as you know," and Ford interrupted, saying "No, I don't know. I only know what I read (crosstalk)." The KNS became more defensive, saying it was obviously a sore point and trying to explain that Johnson is not an employee, and Ford interrupted again, saying, "No, no, it's just irrational people, hysterical people, are hard to... we don't need to waste any more time on it, I'm just not going to participate in anything he's (crosstalk)". The KNS assured Ford that Johnson would not be involved in any way.

Oh, my!

WhitesCreek's picture

I think HF2 is being to

I think HF2 is being to harsh, demanding that irrational people not be a part of the discourse. Why that would ban nearly the entire Conservative movement!


Eleanor A's picture

Hey, that's great!!


I wonder if he might be prevailed upon to refuse interviews with Nashville's WKRN Channel 2, the ABC affiliate that just hired right-wing talk show provocateur Steve Gill.

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smooth operator

Good for Ford for the Greg Johnson smackdown.

On the topic of cluelessness on environmental issues, Van Hilleary said in the KNS voter guide that one of his priorities is to "smooth out" regulations that prevent drilling in ANWR and building new refineries and digging coal. Those regulations are already bald with treads showing through. What is left of them that he'd like to smooth? 

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