Seems like drones patrolling greenways would be useful.

I read somewhere some cities do police fitness training along greenways

At least two officers cover all of the greenways every day for 10-hour shifts, according to Miller.

“We have a big area to cover, and I’m confident when saying that the parks and trails in Knoxville are safe," Miller said.

KPD Training Director Lt. Tammy DeBow said more bike patrols are stationed during the summer months because of the increased traffic.

“I used to be a bike officer myself,” DeBow said. “When people see us, it makes them feel safer on the greenways.”

The bike officers on the greenways ride the trails and are on the lookout for any suspicious behavior.

With more than 100 miles of trails, just how safe are Knoxville's greenways?

Here's a new way to be safer when you hike or bike Charlotte's greenway

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FYI, the recent KNS article

FYI, the recent KNS article mentions:

After a recent assault near Baker Creek trail, Knoxville natives and those visiting the area may be concerned about their safety in these public spaces.

However, a May 31, 2018, KNS article mentions:

Investigators have found no evidence to support a woman's report she was sexually assaulted along a bike trail at the Baker Creek Preserve in South Knoxville, police said.

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No drones, please. Charlotte

No drones, please. Charlotte has a good plan.

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Maybe these already exist and

Maybe these already exist and I haven't noticed, but similar to the "Adopt-A-Highway" concept, are there "Adopt-A-Greenway" and "Adopt-A-Park" programs?

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