Guess they are relocating inland away from the hurricane. Not sure where they're from but they are LOUD. It's awesome.

Dave Gorman's picture

They are mostly Harriers from

They are mostly Harriers from MCAS Cherry Point and one or two from New River, NC. They are parked down near the Cirrus campus to the south of the Hilton.

There are also some Navy/Marine helicopters at Island Home.

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Thanks for that info.

Thanks for that info.

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I've noticed during the last

I've noticed during the last few big storms in recent years that there are convoys of utility trucks going up or down I-40, often with their lights flashing. There was a parking lot full of them on Thursday night near the Holiday Inn on Papermill.

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Contractors and utility workers

They are staging here until it's safe to go the the devastated areas to rebuild the utility infrastructure. When Florence moves out, they will move in. KUB has released (6? I believe) of their contractor teams for hurricane relief currently, while holding their own full time teams to deal with whatever damage may occur from the storm in Knoxville. They will probably make a decision about releasing those workers to storm relief next week,

Odd you brought that up, my cousin-in-law is a lineman and I was asking him about this last night.

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Drove by to see the line-up.

Drove by to see the line-up. The Harriers look mean.

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