Jul 21 2011
09:53 am
By: R. Neal

If I enter [your name] for [office] in a google search, your campaign website should appear on the first page of search results, ideally at the top of the list. If it doesn't, voters can assume you aren't serious about getting elected.

A Facebook page is not really a substitute for a campaign website, but it's better than nothing. It should at least be open for public viewing without signing up for a Facebook account.

When I get to your website (or Facebook page), I should be able to find a contact email address for the candidate, the campaign, media relations, or somebody. Contact forms that I have to fill out on your site don't count.

Other things I look for are: first impression; candidate name, photo, and office on front page; donate button/link on front page; accepts online donations; asks for your vote; own domain name; link to resume/bio; links to platform/issues; fast loading; ease of navigation; polished graphics, layout; overall presentation and impact.

bizgrrl's picture

Yeah. I was thinking about

Yeah. I was thinking about those things when viewing the post on Google Poaching. Basically it just shows Padgett is better at the internet game, and has more money.

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And another thing...

Candidates - post your email address!! not an online form to complete. If we want to get in contact to send, for example, an invitation to a forum, we want your email address so we can send the announcement the the whole friggin' group.

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