Jul 13 2006
11:12 am
By: clarkstooksbury

I was unaware that Congressman Duncan has an August primary opponent. I remain unimpressed with the competition:

He also wants to, "get the government off the backs of Christians. It seems we have religious freedom and tolerance for Muslims, atheists, and everyone else, but not for Christians. Quit the demonization of Christianity!" Now is this remotely the case? I'm aware that the occasional public school bureaucrat goes berserk at the sight of a sixth-grader with a Bible and that snooty Hollywood types sneer at Presbyterians in flyover country; but is this synonymous with saying that Christians don't have freedom of religion?


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And just to be clear, that

And just to be clear, that McGill should not be confused with Steve McGill who is running for County Commission in South Knox District 9. He's a good guy.

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