Apr 2 2020
05:27 pm

“I applaud the Governor for following through with his convictions and fulfilling his duty to protect the people of Tennessee according to his best judgement. However, I cannot applaud any government monitoring the movements of its people and mandating virtually everything we are allowed to do.

I understand this is a crisis, but an economic crisis also looms with millions of people out of work and no way to earn a living, many of them due to mandated government shutdowns. We also have a looming mental health crisis as individuals struggle with depression and feelings of hopelessness and isolation, exacerbated by job loss—some have already taken their own lives.

Further, we have a political crisis as our state and nation must determine a way to walk back from the damage currently being done to our system of free government. During another crisis, Abraham Lincoln said, ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from this earth.’ Knox County, will, of course, comply with this Executive Order. However, with our response to COVID-19, I fear that we may be testing the very limits of President Lincoln’s notion.

As a people we must maintain our hope, optimism, and our faith in God’s provision. I encourage all Knox Countians to exercise the prescribed physical distancing guidelines, to engage in volunteer opportunities where appropriate, and to come together as a community through the use of technology.

I look forward to Governor Lee’s visit tomorrow and continuing to work with him to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. I also am extremely pleased with the prospect of the Knox County Expo Center providing potential overflow capacity for COVID-19 cases.”

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He's a piece of work, isn't

He's a piece of work, isn't he? It's almost as if we could have just elected a fake sports star and done as well.

Nice going, county voters.

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It is very disappointing to

It is very disappointing to hear the leader of Knox County be so ignorant!

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Mayor Jacobs statement on Gov. Lee's mandate

Regarding Mayor Jacobs statement, Crises like the one we are facing tend to cause emotional responses. Emotional responses not based on logic and wisdom, and a conscience. At the same time we know that a lot of people act with only themselves in mind. I am not surprised to hear that people are going about their business as these are normal times. Sometimes the government truly has to act to save us from ourselves. That's why it's important to put wise and compassionate people into positions of leadership. Lastly, this is in no way a "free" government as the mayor calls it, we pay for this government with our hard earned taxes. As my mom says "there ain't no free lunch".

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Umm, he's quoting Lincoln?

Umm, he's quoting Lincoln? You know, the one who suspended habeas corpus,

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Piece of work, indeed

I lost a couple of friends after the Great Recession, one was one of the most decent person I have ever known. It wasn't just the recession, the downturn contributed to his hopelessness. I should point out the the linkage of the "suspected" to the isolation suicides is purely a linkage that serves The Mayors political purposes and I see it is gaining traction in social media. Fact is, is that a coroner can and must declare suicide of the facts support that declaration but he does not declare the events that a motivates the victim. A certain level of death to ensure the quick recovery of our economy seems perfectly acceptable to some; thats scary, but not surprising

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Today's social distancing

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My stepdad

My stepdad took out a Korean Artillery Commander at 1500 meters. It is still a well considered shot within the SOG. None of those targets indicates that there is any good reason for Glenn Jacobs to own those weapons under his second amendment rights. He's not good enough with the weapon to be deemed essential to the operation of the Tennessee State militia. Besides, he's killing more people by being an incompetent Mayor and a foolish leader with Covid-19 than he'd ever be able to kill on the battlefield with his ability.

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I am shocked and appalled that a public figure would demonstrate his complete lack of empathy for what we're going through at this time. He's a complete jerk and doesn't deserve any respect.

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I'm Appalled.....

I'm appalled....but not shocked.

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That's wrong in so many ways

That's wrong in so many ways I can't even list them.

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My wife and I walked at

My wife and I walked at Northwest Middle School track this evening. There were at least 40 people there playing soccer or watching. I counted 24 people sitting side by side in chairs. This is the kind of personal liberty Mayor Jacob's advocates. I have family members that are sick with very low immunity to disease and I am worried sick about them getting coronavirus. Why are these people so inconsiderate and selfish? This is bullshit. How can people be so stupid. People are dying and it is their fault. Mayor Jacob's attitude toward social distancing, public safety, and protecting our citizens is an embarrassment to Knox County.

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Call 311 and report it.

Call 311 and report it.

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