Apr 27 2021
06:25 am

Maryville College announced Monday, April 26, that it is “requiring, with some exceptions,” that students, faculty and staff receive COVID-19 vaccines by Aug. 1.

"Under Tennessee law, young full-time college students are required to have vaccines against measles, mumps and rubella (usually administered together in two doses), as well as chickenpox (also two doses). Students may seek a waiver for medical or religious reasons, and the private college will offer those options for the COVID-19 vaccine, too.

Coker said the college is offering the “personal preference” exception for the COVID-19 vaccines because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is allowing them during this pandemic as an “emergency use authorization.”

“Once it is no longer under emergency use authorization, once there is formal FDA approval of a vaccine, we’ve given the community notice that we may very well at that point remove the personal preference exception,”


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