There has been some discussion as to why "Michigan is now in the midst of an overwhelming [coronavirus] surge that began about six weeks ago."

It has been noted that "Michigan is among the states with the highest rate of the more-contagious B.1.1.7 variant (57.6% of new cases compared to 44.1% for the US).

However, the CDC reports that as of March 27, 2021, Tennessee has the highest rate of the more-contagious B.1.1.7 variant, 60.5%

From the CNN report, "The likeliest explanation for the Michigan surge is a mix of all of the above: a very transmissible viral variant is spreading one step ahead of the vaccination among those newly eligible for it, with some contribution from a premature, partial return to normal life. And this is where politics is rearing its ugliest head."

Let's hope that we are not in for a surge like Michigan.


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Blame Canada

It appears that there is a lot of cross border traffic from people who work across the border. I don't really blame Canada, it's not their fault Biden is hoarding so much vaccine.

Add to that the yahoos gathering maskless to protest Gov Whitmer. Guess what - I don't like her either but I wouldn't risk my life as a form of protest

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