Jul 17 2020
12:21 pm

Many retailers are requiring customers to wear masks while shopping
; including Walmart, Target, Kroger, Publix, CVS, Walgreens, Starbucks, Best Buy, Kohl’s.

I drove by Walmart in Alcoa this morning. They have limited access to a single entrance. Barriers control entrance and they have someone outside to ensure compliance.

Hope this works. Hope there is no violence, locally at least.

Be careful out there.

R. Neal's picture

Do MayorJacobs and Mayor

Do MayorJacobs and Mayor Mitchell over in Blount Co. know about this?

jbr's picture

Seems like Hamilton County

Seems like Hamilton County has similar situation. County mayor has some obstinate views of safety and city mayor is at other end of spectrum

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Small, Locally Owned Businesses?

This will create a dilemma for smaller businesses that have to decided who to cater to - the non-mask wearing or mask wearing public. We're not spending anything at a business if masks aren't being worn. Will this create additional problems with large, national corporations putting additional stress on small locally-owned business OR will this just give the non-mask wearing people a place to go that has a higher risk of virus transmission where nobody will challenge them? Ironically, I would be less likely to go to Walmart before Covid, but if they're requiring masks I'd be more likely to go. I would be interested in seeing sales tax receipts from these mask mandatory businesses and other (non mandatory) business now (or in the coming weeks/months) compared to the same period a year ago.

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Mask requirement has more

Mask requirement has more customers violating the new standard. I wear a mask, but after the new law went into effect for Knox County, I see more people not wearing a mask. I always shop early in the morning during the senior hour, when most everyone wore a mask. After the new restriction went into effect, I have been in several stores that were previously following mask guidelines, but not have far too many customers not wearing masks. I assume most non-mask people were only there to intimidate the seniors.

bizgrrl's picture

You have to wonder.

You have to wonder.

However,we were thinking Walmart has become the leader in caring for citizens. In driving around Blount County retail establishments, we noticed more people wearing masks than usual.
So, do some people think if Walmart is taking this seriously then maybe it is serious. In jest, but maybe not.

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Regional grocer Food City

Regional grocer Food City will require mask eff. 7/23/2020.

Our little Food City has been doing a pretty good job. Most customers already wear masks. It will be nice when all customers wear masks.

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