Nov 13 2018
06:28 am

For the first time the State of Maine is using a ranked ballot form of voting for the U.S. House and U.S. Senate races. Ranked voting allows the voter to pick their first choice to take the election, then a second choice, and so on. Not sure how many choices would be possible.

In Maine, if one of the candidates for the U.S. House or U.S. Senate races doesn't not receive 50% of the vote then they start adding in 2nd choice options to the vote counts. "If there's no majority, the last-place candidate's second-place votes are reallocated to remaining candidates. The computerized process can be repeated until there's a winner."


"Maine residents approved the system in 2016 after nine of the previous 11 gubernatorial elections resulted in winners who failed to get a majority of the vote."

And, of course, that is what happened this first time the State of Maine tests using the ranked ballot form of voting.

"If it works as intended, then it's possible the Republican incumbent with the most first-place votes could end up losing to a Democrat.

Some expect a lawsuit to challenge the one-person, one-vote rule under the theory that the system lets the supporter of a last-place candidate to effectively vote twice, violating the Equal Protection Clause."

Just a little confusing. In Tennessee they would have to use landscape format ballots to fit in the 8 candidates for U.S. senate along with the write-in option.

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Tennessee had 20 candidates

Tennessee had 20 candidates for governor. All you need is 25 signatures to get on the ballot. We'd never figure it out.

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Instant runoffs in Memphis

A few years ago Memphis created the opportunity for an instant runoff ballot for City elections. It has not yet been implemented. Last week voters rejected a ballot initiative that would have eliminated this possibility. However it is not clear whether it would be consistent with state election law. Hopefully that will be cleared up in the near future.


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