Jan 21 2006
03:07 pm

Someone reported earlier that they have to log back in frequently, like whenever they refresh. Is anyone else experienceing this problem? Do you have to login each time you visit, or when you refresh or during the middle of a session? If so, please send a private message or reply to this post with a) what login behavior you are seeing, b) what OS you use (Windows 98, 2000, XP, OSX, etc), and c) what browser (IE, Firefox, etc.), and c) what kind of antivirus/spyware and firewall you run. Thanks!

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Weird. I'm seeing this

Weird. I'm seeing this problem; I hadn't even noticed it until I saw this post.

I usually use Firefox (on XP), and I can stay logged in after closing a tab, but not after restarting the browser. I also have to login each time that I restart ie.

I'm seeing two cookies on this site, one style and one for PHPSESSID, which I thought would be the login cookie. It's retained at startup.

AV: nod32, firewall: sygate

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I'm still not exactly sure

I'm still not exactly sure what's causing this, but I changed some settings to make cookies and session have a longer expiration. You may have to delete any cookies ( for Windows, it would be in c:/documents and settings/[user]/cookies that have 'knoxviews' in the cookie file name).

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Well, whatever you did, that

Well, whatever you did, that fixed it. It's working for me now in both browsers.

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