Apr 16 2018
09:06 am

From the Knoxville Newspaper Guild facebook page (click image for bigger):


Would you like fries with your McPaper?

yellowdog's picture

What to do?

Gannett has been destructive of journalism since the union busting Detroit Free Press debacle, yet it is the only newspaper Knoxville has. We are not better off without it, so I still subscribe, but unless readers make an issue of this, and then maybe anyway, this will only get worse.

HIShirtGuy's picture

Lack of Leadership - SSDD.

Having a bad product, lack of investigating reporting, mice nuts, and no sense of urgency in anything including innovation and quality has hurt the paper and our community tremendously. Jack McElroy has had the KNS in a death spiral since taking over in 2001...including the killing off of the Metro Pulse and Shopper...

(see Star Trek Next Generation "BORG" to understand "Big Newspapers").

...AND a big thank you to Mr. Neal and his KnoxViews for providing a good data source to the matter what your interest or political spectrum are. Bravo Zulu!

cwg's picture

And MP

was profitable. Not raking in the dough, but profitable. And they threw that out.

Average Guy's picture

Can't blame McEroy

You're exactly right the KNS has been in a death spiral since he's been there, but you can't say it's a lack of leadership.

It's become painfully clear he's leading the enterprise precisely how a higher up(s) would have him run it.

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