Sep 22 2011
12:42 pm

A reader sent a link to this awesome blog called I Live in My Van. It's by a Knoxville guy whose house burned down, at which point he said screw it and moved into a VW camper van and drove to Ecuador.

He's been traveling for several months, and he's either in California or Washington now, not sure which. Anyway, check it out. (Check the About page and follow the links there for background.)

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The saddest part of Jay living in his van and travelling....

He's not here brewing beer.

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In a Van Down By The River....

Jay joined WetWesties 15th ReUnion in Union, OR the weekend of September 10. Interesting chap. Pictures at:

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How cute. A whole gaggle of

How cute. A whole gaggle of VW campers, etc.

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I have one of Jay's bumper sticker's on my car! Right before he set out, he made up bumper stickers. JAY! Miss him. What a creative guy.

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will miss his annual New Year's Day black eye pea and collards party!

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