Aug 1 2020
12:20 am

Watching "Live at Lucille's" on PBS.

I really liked that place.

michael kaplan's picture

Is that a place, or just a tv

Is that a place, or just a tv show? I was impressed by the $185,000 Shigeru Kawai concert grand piano.

jbr's picture

"Live at Lucille's" is a

"Live at Lucille's" is a show. The place i liked is the now gone nightclub

michael kaplan's picture

The place i liked is the now

The place i liked is the now gone nightclub

What I thought.

yellowdog's picture

Live at Lucille's is a tv show and more

The Knoxville Jazz Orchestra has been organizing and sponsoring real jazz shows at the ET PBS studio during the last two KJO seasons. They are live and filmed that way. They have been really good...high quality production and talent. The hope is to get the shows nationally syndicated by PBS, which could then support more shows.

COVID-19 of course has screwed this up.

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