Jul 9 2006
03:20 pm

I agree with the person that said they were way past party loyalty. I said earlier I was hesitant to give up the first district to a Republican and I worried about diversity on the commission, but since then Diane has sued to stay on the ballot, caused all sorts of trouble with the Democrats and I've also said I've never been a fan of hers any way. So, if she as a Democrat can endorse Haslam and go on the front of Knoxville Mag and claim the "Republicans are my best friends," then I as a starting to lapse Democrat can say, vote for Della Volpe and hopefully Diane's Republican friends can help her. I've got some Green friends that like Della Volpe and he was impressive during the District 1 debates. Stacey

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I agree with the person that

I agree with the person that said they were way past party loyalty.

This is a good way for people to agree with me. Simply use "the person" and you can agree with me without any back lash. Good idea.

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It really is

turning into 'backwards world' around here.

Harold Ford is on television claiming he wants to post the 10 commandments in public buildings, and the Republicans are all aflutter over their presumptive Senate nominee not being pro-life enough.

Is this indicative of the fact that we're a swing state, pretty much, or some deeper madness...?

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