There's a big front page article in today's News Sentinel about controversy surrounding a new UT sports media contract. UT awarded the $83.4 million contract last week to Host Communications, Inc. Rival bidder Action Sports is protesting the decision, saying their proposal wasn't given a fair evaluation under the RFP's "point" system. Read the article for details.

One twist is that Action Sports owns the "Jumbotrons" at Neyland Stadium and Thompson-Boling Arena. Under a new contract with another company, UT will have to buy out their interest, and Action has set the price at $11.3 million. It would seem that this reduces the value of any other bidder's contract by that amount, since presumably UT would not have to pay Action Sports if they were awarded the contract.

(Note: the $83.4 million contract does not include revenues from UT football game television broadcasts, which are covered by other contracts.)

Here is more information about the contract from Host Communications.

BlueMeany's picture

That's awesome!! $84 million

That's awesome!! $84 million ought to help cover the installation of an air conditioning system in Ayres Hall... maybe some new desks too! Right?

zoomfactor's picture

Another way they can spend that $84M

Maybe by rewiring the place so the jumbotron doesn't suck up all the juice on the antiquated electrical system? I heard a rumor... this is the reason why the classrooms in the stadium are not equipped with WiFi.

R. Neal's picture

I think upgrades to all the

I think upgrades to all the broadcast equipment and animatronic whiz bangles are part of the deal.

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