Gov.-elect Bill Lee has appointed "reform advocate" Penny Schwinn as Commissioner of Education. Schwinn studied at the Broad Academy and is a Teach for America veteran. She also founded a charter school. Schwinn has described herself as "an advocate for public schools and school choice" according to the article.

One of Schwinn's first tasks will be awarding new contracts for TNReady testing services. She was involved in a Texas controversy regarding contract awards.

Schwinn was recently passed over for the same job in Massachusetts, where critics characterized her as a "determined, divisive reformer."



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She had me at "Broad"

"an advocate for public schools and school choice"

No Penny, you're not and you know it.

She knows better, but it's those type statements that fool most everyone else.

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It is a shame Democrats

It is a shame Democrats cannot win a statewide election. Dean would be so much better for public education. I thought Lee was the lesser of the Republican evils and I did agree with his statements about more need for vocational training in public schools. However, his ideas about vouchers, charter schools, and school choice are just code words for destroying public education and allowing corporations to make a fortune on the hundreds of billions of dollars in the U.S. that go to public schools. Penny is a nightmare come true. Lee is a disappointment and I hate to think of the decisions he will make after this stupid appointment. It is hard enough for sensible people to deal with an immoral and evil President. Now, again, we have to survive a governor that is terribly misguided and against the interests of our children and favors the interests of the elite.

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