Oct 28 2010
05:33 am

This is one of the stupidest and ugliest elections in recent memory. Whether you roll with the Crips or the Bloods, your candidate is crazy as an outhouse rat. Standing in the voting booth will be worse than getting locked in the outhouse with the rats on a hot August afternoon. It will take two years to get the stench off.

Campaign spending has hit an all-time record high. Congress is a temple of merchants and moneychangers peddling votes to the highest bidders and keeping the change. Foreign money is pouring into U.S. elections to keep us on the same oil teat that feeds our enemies and to protect "free" trade rackets that suck the life out of middle-class America.

As for us Democrats, in the last two cycles we elected the first female Speaker of the House, had the first competitive female presidential primary candidate, and elected the first black president. We saved our country from Great Depression 2.0, began winding down a senseless war, passed sweeping reforms that will begin the long overdue process of overhauling our health care and financial systems, made college more affordable for millions of students, and passed the largest middle-class tax cut in U.S. history.

So we got us some progressive change - some of it half-assed but change nonetheless - in spite of the just-say-no obstructionists who want to stop all progress and angry mobs who want to "take our country back." To 1861.

But that's not good enough for our instant-gratification ADD electorate who allow themselves to be lied to and brainwashed by halfwits like Glenn Beck and get their daily misinformation from Fox News chief correspondent Batboy.

And suddenly it isn't good enough for our candidates, either. They're running away from our party and our platform like suspects fleeing the scene of the crime and denying any knowledge of or association with the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, our President and leader of the party not to mention the Free World goes on the late night fake news comedy show to defend their sorry asses and gets laughed at to his face.

Despite all that, Democrats in Tennessee and across the country must get out and vote or else wake up on the morning of Wednesday Nov. 3rd and say hello to Speaker Boehner (R-Tanning Booth) and Senate Majority Leader McConnell (R-Crazytown), not to mention Gov. Haslam and his pal State Sen. Campfield here in Tennessee. Then start preparing for the fresh new hell of President Palin.

OK, then.

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You are So sexy when you show that fire down below. You go, guy!

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This election cycle has been

This election cycle has been particularly tiring with all the lies and the almost unlimited cash to throw them into the faces of gullible voters. Many thanks to the inventor of the mute button.

I doubt there will even be a need to manipulate the voting machines in most places this year.

I did have one sublime pleasure at the polling place Monday with my vote against Stacey the Clown. It will be interesting gauging the level of bat shit crazy voters show in this race.

Like watching a slowly moving bowling ball hit the gutter just before it reaches the pins.

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Who can I vote for to prevent Speaker Boehner??

... (crickets) ....

And I will add again that Kim McMillan should have never left the gov's race... we ended up with a much weaker, less known candidate because of an unopposed primary.

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