Dec 16 2020
02:05 pm

In Xanadu did Joe Biden
A statesman pleasure-dome decree:
Potomac, the sacred river, ran
Through Senates measureless to man
Down to a Chesapeake.
So, the Mitch domain’s infertile ground
With filibuster is girdled round;
Yet Rose Gardens are bright with generous plans,
Where blossomed many helpful hands;
And here were forests of Obama success,
Enfolding sunny spots of hopefulness.

JR01's picture


It’s not like he’s the second coming. Biden is the bare minimum of what we could have had.

bizgrrl's picture

Compared to what we've been

Compared to what we've been through the past 4 years, Biden is the second coming.

Midori Barstow's picture

what we've been through the past 4 years

what we've been through the past 4 years

So what is to become of t****tydumpty and his tyranny of narcissism
a la the sonnet
Ozymandias with apologies to Percy Bysshe Shelley

Mr. Harmon can you revisit?

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