Jul 17 2006
08:09 pm

Knoxville News Sentinel editor Jack McElroy defends their endorsements.

On the baffling McGill v. Clark endorsement, he says McGill is a good enough guy, but he's Clark without the experience. I guess that would be the experience of two terms, which 75% of Knox County voters said years ago were enough?

Apparently, the KNS is for the status quo (big surprise there) as opposed to new blood and a fresh pair of eyes. And how exactly is a good guy (who is at least eligible for office beyond any doubt) supposed to get experience other then simply working for a chance to prove himself?

But enough of my quibbling. I'll let Steve McGill, a certifiable Good Guy, make his own case (from comments on our previous post about the KNS's curious endorsements):

I too am quite surprised with the KNS endorsement of Larry Clark but, the more I see of the KNS website, the less impressed I am with them. I don't believe they've done a good job of keeping voters informed.

For example, they don't bring up the issue that Mr. Clark is still term-limited and when the State Supreme Court rules on this, if the charter is indeed found valid, he will be booted out.

Frank Cagle covered this very well - including potential outcome - in his article in the MetroPulse 2 weeks ago (I wonder why Frank left the District 9 race out of his article).

I invite those 9th District voters that visit your website to also visit the KNS election site and listen to the editorial board podcasts for both Mr. Clark and me and decide for themselves. (While there, take a moment to visit my blog)

Mr. Clark references his support of the FOP in his interview and supports putting the benefits issue up for a referendum vote. He says "You can't go wrong if you let the people decide." It seems he doesn't share that same philosophy when it comes to term limits and the will of the voters.

Also of interest... during the first Knox County Charter review meeting, when John Schmid made the motion to fix the charter to implement term limits in time for this election cycle, only three commissioners voted in favor of this motion -- this takes character. Mr. Clark did not vote in favor of this motion.

Being a life-long educator, Mr. Clark surely understands the importance of a "teachable moment" (opportunity to teach a lesson). He passed on that opportunity when he did not vote to fix the charter.

I stand for good fiscal policy, solid education, and a common sense approach to government. Standards I learned as a Marine - duty, honor, integrity, and attention to detail - are the standards I will adhere to when serving on Commission. And, I pledge to serve no more than two terms if elected.

I will be on the Lloyd Dougherty show tomorrow at 9 a.m. (Southern Roots Radio, 1180 WVLZ/1120 WKCE Knoxville/Maryville on the AM dial) and I invite you and all the others reading this to call in (546-2148) to discuss term limits or any other issue on your mind. You can also listen online by going to (link...)

Thanks again for your support and I look forward to hearing more from you!

I encourage everyone to get out and vote in the upcoming election (early vote until July 29 and election day Thursday, Aug 3). To those who vote in Knox County 9th District feel free to contact me at 414-3497 or visit my website and send an email.

To me, that sound like a guy South Knox residents, not to mention all of Knox County, would be proud to have representing them on County Commission.

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The trouble with Larry's

The trouble with Larry's "experience" is that it's not really his.  He basically votes with the Pinkston sitting next to him.   You might as well just give Paul two votes.

For example, Larry was repeatedly briefed on the South High deal, and promised to support it as late as one week before the Commission vote.  He changed his mind when Paul threw a hissy fit.

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