The amendment would not apply to devices such as Bluetooth speakers because they do not use an amplifier, Emmett said.

The current Knoxville decibel level law bans any airborne sound on public property that is more than 65 decibels. It also bans impulsive sounds, such as gunshots, that are more than 80 decibels.

Knoxville musicians, protesters could be hushed by amplified sound ban

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Bluetooth speakers have

Bluetooth speakers have amplifiers. If they didn't you couldn't hear them. I have one that plays way louder than 65db. There are also bluetooth speakers that look just like Marshall and Fender guitar amps. Sounds like the ordinance needs some tweaking.

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Guess they will have to

Guess they will have to define amplifier.

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Do police officers carry

Do police officers carry decibel/sound pressure level meters?

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And they will have to define

And they will have to define decibel. It's just a logarithmic number, unless referenced to some level of air pressure. Also a distance needs to be specified at which the measurement is made. Otherwise it's just pretty meaningless and shouldn't hold up in court.

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OCCUPY protesters neatly

OCCUPY protesters neatly figured out how to get around the 'amplified' sound ban ...

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Yes....the human microphone

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The proposal has been tabled.

The proposal has been tabled. Too many questions and too much ambiguity.

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I remember being on a

I remember being on a committee studying a noise ordinance sometime ago, maybe even in the late 1990s. We took a field trip to test dB levels. On the corner of Summit Hill and Henley Street, in front from of the Lincoln Memorial Duncan Law School we discovered that just the average passing traffic mid-afternoon exceeded 90 dBs most of the time. I'm not an unwanted noise fan - but it is tricky setting clear guidelines and parameters.

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Modeling on known successes

We were fighting a neighborhood noise issue a few years and I did some research including discussing such matters with a consultant. Basically, you need to look at other cities that have successfully implemented legislation. Surprising to me, he said Pigeon Forge has done a pretty good job. (Such that that could be possible, FWIW, etc.)

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