It was something of a shock to members of the Knox County Board of Health, meeting late last month to review the proposed budget for fiscal year 2020: a 30% decrease in the funds allotted for indigent medical care.

Knox County cuts indigent health care budget

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Government services?

So the Mayor thinks providing healthcare services is not a government function? He's gonna throw us on the mercies of insurance companies and who else? Churches? RAM? Go Fund Me campaigns? The Republican smaller government/fewer taxes budgets contributes to deaths among us. They're doing a fine job of decreasing the surplus population.

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$500.00 a month

Doesn't buy much of a health plan. This is how pandemics are born.

The mayor should be removed from office for putting the entire county at risk.

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Forgive the self-promotion,

Forgive the self-promotion, but: Compass first reported this two weeks ago.


And had an in-depth follow-up last week:


And a report this week on Commission's reaction to the proposed cuts:


Just fyi fwiw etc.

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I think it's time to update your blogroll Randy, and include Compass. They're not competition!

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Thought I had already done

Thought I had already done that under local media at the bottom. Somehow, Mercury is back and Compass is gone. I did an update the other day, must have gotten the wrong version of something or other. I'll fix it.

(Also, who said we are competing? They get paid. I don't.)

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I don't usually scroll all the way to the bottom, so I didn't look for them there. Got it.

And you should get paid or otherwise recognized for your work and we appreciate you.

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