Mar 25 2020
05:32 pm

WBIR reporting one of the most honest statements by a public official in recent memory:

"I can tell you today that I simply do not have the energy, the 24/7 focus, and the passion to deal with another highly polarized Presidential election. I’m tired of not having enough time for my family or, quite frankly, much of anything else. I’m tired of waking up at night in a cold sweat and in the mornings all stressed out—and that was well before all of the Coronavirus concerns," he said.

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Rodgers did a good job. I

Rodgers did a good job. I hope the EC will find somebody equally good to replace him.

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Yes. I was skeptical when

Yes. I was skeptical when they fired Greg MacKay (but I get it, spoils of war and all that) and hired Rodgers. But he has been transparent and accessible and responsive, has integrity and accountability, and works his butt off. Knox Co. has had two good ones in a row. Hope the next one is the same.

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Greg set the bar for future

Greg set the bar for future Election Administrators. Although he was a Democrat, he was fiercely non-partisan and fair in this job. Democrats even had to sue him a couple of times when he made adverse decisions about putting a Dem candidate on the ballot. He brought the county into the 21st Century. Cliff is a class act and always has been. He continued the high level of integrity and competency in the office. Though a Republican, you could always count on Cliff to be fair and impartial. Whoever takes Cliff's place will have some big shoes to fill. We can only hope that the next Administrator is competent, fair, and impartial, and exhibits the same level of honesty and integrity as Greg and Cliff did.

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At the call of the chair and

At the call of the chair and by agreement of all commissioners at the March 23rd, 2020 meeting, the Knox County Election Commission (KCEC) will hold its next meeting in the Small Assembly Room, 400 Main Street, Knoxville, TN 37902 on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at 3:30 pm. The sole agenda item is to consider the appointment of Assistant Administrator Chris Davis as Knox County Administrator of Elections to complete the current term of Clifford Rodgers through a date to be determined in April, 2021. Comments for Public Forum will be received through April 6th and can be sent to

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UPDATE: This meeting can be

UPDATE: This meeting can be accessed by visiting (link...). Comments for Public Forum (with name and address of person submitting) will be received through April 6th and can be sent to

The meeting will be posted online at (link...) within two (2) business days after the meeting.

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