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Is Knox County's mask mandate unconstitutional?

Clearly the Knox County Sheriff aims to politicize wearing a mask. This is unacceptable, especially when the case load of Covid 19 cases is on the rise in Knox County. We need new leadership in our police department. By refusing to do his job , he jeopardizes the health of the citizens of this county. He needs to retire.

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It's worse than you think

Watch Mayor Jacobs 4th of July speech. He said the revolutionary war was fought over freedom, then said masks were a part of freedom and free markets. It was babbling incoherency.

These guys are pushing an agenda to a largely uninformed mob. The problem goes beyond their ignorance of the constitution. The problem goes to their training of the 40-49 percent of the population that will blindly buy into their bullshit and hold onto it while our community is devastated. We need an 85-95% buy in, includes people legitimately not wearing masks (an issue that has turned from legitimate to one where normally caring people now look at those with suspect eye) and we could have had that had Mayor Jacobs simply done his job.

If Jacobs didn't want the ordinance, all he had to do was sell his mob on the truth, that if we didn't come together and wear masks, that this situation would end up in the hands of a governing body and the order would come regardless. Instead, he has set himself up as King George to Indya Kincannon's Ben Franklin and demanded the citizens of Knox County subjugate themselves to his reign of terror due to what amounts to a biological warfare on the citizens of Knox County. It sounds melodramatic, but step back and consider, who do you compare the guy too? Guys, we have been breaking this issue down on this website since February. Jacobs and Daniel knew ahead of time they were attacking the citizens of Knox County. They both were bragging about it. Now that bodies are starting to pile up, bodies that have needlessly died due to their policy, even at this early stage, they are trying to hide behind the constitution, and they're having to lie about constitutional rulings and meanings to do that.

I've been accused of being harsh for pointing this out since the county mayors staged a coup and stripped city mayors of the power to govern those who dutifully elected them. So be it. I'm a prick. But I will hold those two murdering liars accountable for the death they bring to our community. This process, at this point, lies on the shoulders of Glenn Jacobs and Martin Daniel. This is their screw-up and they must be held accountable. The fact that neither Spangler nor Jacobs can quantify their claim of unconstitutionality by pointing to an actual article, amendment , clause, or even general principle in the constitution shows two things, first the weakness of their argument and second, the strength of mind of those who accept it.

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Could the sheriff, mayor,

Could the sheriff, mayor, whoever, not have asked someone that could have told them if mandated mask wearing is Constitutional? Did they just decide for themselves it isn't Constitutional?

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So does this mean I don't

So does this mean I don't have to wear pants when shopping at West Town Mall? Where in the Constitution does it say the government can require me to wear clothes when out in the public?

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Naked except for mask at Westtown

Let me know when this event happens. I’ll bring photographers.

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Double-edged sword

Double-edged sword

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No. Jacobson v.

No. Jacobson v. Massachusetts.


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