It appears this week may have the highest uptick in coronavirus cases since the pandemic began.
The number of deaths increased by over 8% this past week.

The Knox County Health Department reports
8,186 coronavirus cases and 297 probable cases.

That's 1,002 new cases in the past week, with
222, 169, 81, 100, 121, 120 , 189
as the cases per day for the past week.

That's a 14.% increase over a week ago.

There are 41 Knox County COVID-19 patients currently hospitalized.

There have been 67 total deaths in Knox County from COVID-19.
Five deaths due to COVID-19 in the past week.
That's an 8.1% increase in deaths in the past week (62 as of September 5).
The Knox County Health Dept.'s counts by age are not current and do not match the total number of deaths.
5 in the 18-44 age group (8%)
16 in the 45-64 age group (25%)
14 in the 65-74 age group (22%)
29 in the 75+ age group (45%)

Tests conducted on Knox County residents stabilized after a continuous decline in the last weeks of July into August and September.
3,752 week of August 30, 3,662 week of August 23, 3,982 week of August 16, 4,150 week of August 9, 4,567 week of August 2, 4,412 week of July 19, 4,219 week of July 26
as compared to the steadily increasing testing done at the end of June and the first two weeks of July,
4,425 week of June 28, 5,401 week of July 5, 5,994 week of July 12.

As of September 8, 2020, ICU Bed availability is at 16.6%. (374 ICU beds total with 62 beds available) .
(Note, prior to the 9/1/2020 report, ICU bed capacity was 278. It would appear that Knox County hospitals have increased ICU bed capacity by 96 beds.) (Note, prior to the 8/4/2020 report, ICU bed capacity was 272. It would appear that Knox County hospitals have increased ICU bed capacity by 6 beds.)

According to the TN Dept. of Health, Knox County continues to break the threshold for rate of new covid-19 cases per 100,000 Tennesseans. This threshold is used for decision making processes, e.g. long term care facilities in counties below the threshold for 14 consecutive days may consider allowing visitors.

The County Health Department has a map with the number of coronavirus cases per zip code.
On September 10, 2020, these zip codes were reported with the most cases:
(last reported on September 3)

37920 has the most cases with 606 cases (population 39,000) (16.6% increase)
37921 with 591 (population 28,000) (1.4% increase), then
37918 with 555 cases (population 44,476) (1.5% increase)
37916 with 609 cases (population 12,507) (58.6% increase)
37922 with 426 cases (population 41,539) (0.2% decrease)
37917 with 404 cases (population 27,000) (0.5% increase)
37919 with 434 cases (population 28,000) (8.2% increase)
37923 with 384 cases (population 30,000) (1.3% decrease)

Be careful out there.

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It's a shame.

Based strictly on observations from my nightly survey, I look for number to trend up for the next several weeks. The bar curfew is clearly a failed experiment and Glenn Jacobs absolute refusal to involve the county government in any sort of compliance and containment with regard to covid regulations is clearly biting us in the rear, in both expected and unexpected ways.

Underage drinking is as bad as it has been in Knoxville in decades. The kids have nothing to fear. You can't get caught if the County Mayor has shut down all means of enforcement. Hence the problems on the strip are multiplied. Frankly, we could fix the strips problems in one weekend by cross-checking fake I.D.s with their alleged issuing states (you'd need what, an I-pad and internet access?), loading the offenders up in the paddy wagon and taking them to the county jail and letting them call their parents for bail. Word would get out about that, the same as its getting out about the absence of police enforcement all together.

City, county and UT police all have jurisdiction in this area and the only reason for the Strip to operate as far outside the bounds of any sort of civilized behavior is a lack of co-operation between agencies.

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As active cases continue to

As active cases continue to rise at near-record pace for the county, Knox County Health Department Director Dr. Martha Buchanan said how and how fast this novel coronavirus spreads is up to the community.

It is critical that everyone in our community take personal responsibility for their actions to keep themselves and others safe and healthy.”
While active cases and probable cases continue to rise, testing is trending down. One reason she believes testing is down is people are afraid of the consequences of a positive test, like forcing their close contacts to quarantine
Knox County Health Department is continuing to use education rather than enforcement when it comes to COVID-19 regulations. According to Buchanan, the reason is two-fold: unclear regulations and lack of support from law enforcement.

White House Coronavirus Task Force Dr. Deborah Birx was in Knoxville on Tuesday to speak at the University of Tennessee concerning the high number of students in quarantine there and to talk with Knox County and Knoxville leaders.

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Halls High School to move to

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Halls is the neighborhood Jacobs lives in and is widely regarded as the epicenter of the anti-mask/bio terrorist/ or whatever name best describes them(Bugaloo Boys) movement in Knox County. At least Jacobs and his followers feed on their own children first. They’ve given the rest of the county a look at what awaits for quite awhile if we allow the power list of Glenn Jacobs to go unchecked.

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