Jun 22 2020
06:40 am

The Knox County Health Department reports 656 coronavirus cases and 25 probable cases.
That's 84 new cases in the past week, with 11, 5, 17, 6, 15, 21, 9 as the cases per day for the past week.

There are four Knox County COVID-19 patients currently hospitalized. There have been five total deaths in Knox County from COVID-19".

ICU Bed availability is at 8.1% (272 ICU beds total with 22 beds available).

The County Health Department has a map with the number of coronavirus cases per zip code.
On June 21, 2020, these zip codes were reported with the most cases:
37921 has the most cases with 72 (population 28,000), then
37923 with 62 cases (population 30,000) and
37920 with 43 cases (population 39,000) .
37917 with 43 cases (population 27,000)

On June 14, 2020, these zip codes were reported with the most cases:
37921 has the most cases with 57 (population 28,000), then
37923 with 56 cases (population 30,000) and
37920 with 39 cases (population 39,000) .

On May 31, 2020, these zip codes were reported with the most cases:
37923 has the most cases with 35 (population 30,000), then
37919 with 30 cases (population 28,000) and
37920 with 30 cases (population 39,000).

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We are within a week of full/beyond capacity for ICU beds. Let's hope Mayor Jacobs abnormal run of good luck continues.

Six or eight weeks ago I pulled through Rocky Hill Center and saw virtually no masks. At the time 37919 was the top case by zip code area. Now, as many or more people are wearing masks as not and the 37919 cases are falling behind almost all other zip codes. Is this a scientific study? Nope. It's a personal observation, but, what does it tell you?

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Only four are currently hospitalized for Covid 19. While the number of cases are rising, hospitalization and death rates are not increasing. The older citizens are taking precautions while the younger citizens are back to normal.

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Well ....

You certainly appear to be on top of things. I'll go ahead and plan my fall and holidays around your assertions and their implied predictions. The football team is immune, right?

Go Vols!

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Too many people are

Too many people are inconsiderate and spoiled and feel no sense of responsibility for causing others to get seriously ill or die. This attitude of ignorance, selfishness, and arrogance in so many is sad and deadly. It is disappointing and frustrating to be around people with such disregard for the well being of others. We should be prepared for the worst in the coming months and much of the blame can be given to our buffoon President and his followers.

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