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Constitutional Amendment #2

Regarding "Constitutional Amendment #2" on the Tennessee ballot, why does the Speaker of Senate or House take over governor duties in event Governor as not able, instead of the Lt Governor?

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Looks like the Lt Governor

Looks like the Lt Governor and speaker of senate are same person. Why is that? Why dont we have a Lt Governor separate from Speaker of senate?

Amendment 2 would create a temporary line of succession if the governor is incapacitated

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Constitutional Amendment #4

This amendment would delete article IX, section 1 of the Tennessee Constitution, which prohibits ministers of the gospel and priests of any denomination from holding a seat in either House of the legislature.

Who, besides ministers and priests, is prevented from holding a seat in either house of legislature?

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I would have to go back over the constitution, but there may be restrictions on felons. I can't recall any other group.

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Constitutional Amendment #1

How does this change the existing constitution?

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Number 1

What amendment number 1 does is institute what has been a law into a constitutional amendment. It allows employers to control terms of employment without recourse by forcing workers to pay dues for anyone refusing to pay those dues in a union workforce. It's like banks getting a constitutional amendment forcing everyone in a neighborhood to pay the house payment of anyone in that neighborhood who goes in default on their home loan. Great for the bank, great for the freeloader, sucks for the honest citizen who gets up and tries to feed their family. If you want a union, vote it in and close the shop. If you don't want a union, don't vote it in, or vote it out if it's there. Just because I've been forced by the state to pay for deadbeats for 44 years doesn't mean I should force that on my kids and grandkids. There's a reason our children are leaving and working conditions and pay are at the top of that list. We are not committed to quality work in East Tennessee, we are committed to cheap work designed to maximize quarterly profit. Wait until those AR-15s they are going to make in Blount County start misfiring at the range.

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