Aug 1 2021
08:58 am

The Knox County Advisory Board of Health held an emergency meeting Wednesday, July 28, 2021.

According to the Knox News Sentinel, Dr. Buchanan said,

- there is no "plan to issue any additional pandemic safety regulations despite new federal guidance that masks should be worn indoors in communities where COVID-19 is spreading quickly."

- "At this time, I have concerns about their effectiveness," said Buchanan about whether county residents would ignore new regulations like a mask mandate. "I have concerns about their further decreasing people's willingness to take a vaccine."

- "With all the politicization and polarization, that makes us concerned about doing any further actions,"

"From the first to the fourth week of July, the number of people hospitalized in the Knoxville region increased from 16 to 106, according to Tennessee Hospital Association data. "

Just under 50% of those hospitalized are under 50 years old.

fischbobber's picture

I didn't see it that way.

It was pretty clear she was acknowledging defeat to the Jacobs cult. He has sabotaged and undermined, not only their messaging, but everything they've tried to do, and his ambivalence stance on the vaccines is sending a pretty clear message.

That being said, she is right, and a saturation vaccination policy offers the most hope for our community. Based purely on what I'm seeing as a citizen on the surface, it looks like they are cutting back on staffing and funding and downsizing the Health Department.We can only stretch things so thin.

Vaccinations are up 31% this week and frankly, I don't know if they're staffed for increased traffic this surge is likely to bring. It's hard to work for a tyrant, and it's starting to look like that's the legacy Glenn Jacobs is looking at leaving.

bizgrrl's picture

"Vaccinations are up 31% this

"Vaccinations are up 31% this week..."

Wonderful! Hope the trend continues.

Rachel's picture

What he said.

What he said.

S Carpenter's picture

Who can blame her. Thanks for

Who can blame her. Thanks for trying Dr. Buchanan.

Treehouse's picture

She resigned

Better than getting fired unless she can't get unemployment. So sad. I sent her and the Health Department a thank you recently and they wrote back they appreciated it. It's a sad state of affairs in this country when public officials give up because instead of believing in experts, many have their own opinions or listen to quacks.

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