Aug 15 2019
06:07 am

Through Tuesday, 8/13/2019, 3,383 ballots have been cast in the Knox County election (2,953 early voters, 430 absentee ballots). That is less than 500 early voter ballots a day (6 days).

The Downtown West voting location has the most early voters at 1,234. New Harvest is second with 715 ballots. The South location has the least ballots at 241. The South location may be the worst location of the five.

Let's hope more voters show up for this important election.

Alex_Falk's picture

sandra clark / knoxtntoday doubles down on her/their racism

clark’s attack on candidate hayes’ natural hairstyle (first as a one-line response to a press release email four months ago) was renewed last weekend, with the official knoxtntoday facebook page commenting that “there is not one darn thing natural about david hayes’ hair” on their facebook post of a recent knoxtntoday piece by clark.

who are knoxtntoday’s advertisers and sponsors? take notes.

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Sandra Clark is not a racist

Sandra Clark is not a racist and this community is lucky to have her and Knox TN Today. You do know Sandra has biracial grandchildren.

bizgrrl's picture

I and, I believe, most

I and, I believe, most everyone in local politics I know agrees with you.

Alex_Falk's picture

i will grant you

i will grant clark probably doesn’t think she is being racist
(when doing the racist thing)

Alex_Falk's picture

you do know

you do know having nonwhite friends or family does not prevent nor “cancel out” racist thinking and actions?

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Alex_Falk's picture

take a step back

i'm not saying clark is an unredeemable human being. we live in a deeply racist society & white folks of all ages and political persuasions tend to do racist things all the time without even being aware, sometimes myself included.

it would be a whole lot less embarrassing for everyone involved if both clark & fans of hers could step back, uncircle the wagons, and recognize that it is *beyond* deeply disappointing that the operator of one of the only local political outlets in a media desert continues to justify her dismissal of hayes' candidacy by referencing anglo/eurocentric beauty standards.

"get a haircut"
"there is not one darn thing natural about.."

sad. embarrassing. yes, racist

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David Hayes

Yes Mr Hayes hairstyle is noticeable. Maybe it's a good idea for a candidate to have a signature style.

When I first encountered Mr Hayes he was promoting a plan to tear down single family homes within 1/4 mile of a bus line. All the single family homes if the leading graphic is to be believed.


I e-mailed him later to ask if he supported tearing down houses for new development and got this reply:

"We do not support removing existing single-family housing and changing the nature of a neighborhood without the consent of people in the neighborhood".

Well that sounds reassuring but I have encountered arrogant Urbanists who believe if they just use their well honed powers of manipulation they can obtain "consent".

In a later reply Hays insisted he did not favor tearing down houses for condos, but I got no reply when I asked in response to the comment - "I am against neighborhoods being demolished and replaced with condos.":

"Good to hear that. Just for clarification, do you support neighborhoods being demolished and replaced with apartments?

Sorry to be nit-picky but that is a lot of what I saw in that "bring back the orange plan you were supporting so I don't want to be tripped up by a comment about condos vs. apartments"

Also no response to this question from me:

"Is your vision for affordable housing simply multi family? Have you given consideration to empowering people to stay in their homes with alternatives to predatory financing and also helping people with maintenance?"

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a dense person’s idea of pithy prose

when an out-of-touch conservative boomer tries to be witty: (link...)

read, cringe, and cry for the state of local media.
sure, better than hunley i suppose... but so is a (racist) monkey with a typewriter

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