Jul 6 2006
06:58 pm
By: StaceyDiamond

I hate that Jim felt the need to resign but I'm glad somebody with power finally stood up and questioned the Haslam Democrats. Thats been needed for years.Its been an unspoken code not to question them from the old guard and new politicos that are afraid to challenge the status quo, but alot of the people against shaking things up don't have the critical thinking skills to see how those kind of elected officials undermine the party more than someone speaking out against them. I don't know what will happen to the party now, I suggest sending some of those folks up to the vacant cock fighting arena and let them finish destroying each other, then we can start over. While I want to be partisan to an extent, I'm now more interested in candidates who aren't afraid to question the status quo, more people like Schmid, less like Jordan and Tindell, wherever they come from. Not all county parties are like this, as far as I remember the DNC stayed silent when Zell Miller endorsed Bush, but his county party in Georgia ousted him. Stacey

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Well put, Stacey.

Well put, Stacey.

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You go, girl

We've got similar circumstances in Davidson. The county chair is currently employed by a political consulting firm which is quite open about the fact that one of the other partners is a Republican.

Said Chair is also taking paying jobs working for one Democrat against another in the primaries...apparently candidates are being forced to purchase support for their candidacies from their own Party. Which is even impossible, really, because said Chair can only work for one side in a primary.

Folks who question this arrangement are being told they are somehow capitulating to Republicans. My own question is, which is worse: actually taking money from and giving succor to Republicans and being quite open about it, or criticizing that arrangement?

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