Jul 3 2006
08:51 am

The Knox New Sentinel had an interesting article regarding scholarships for local high school students. According to the article, the Tennessee Lottery HOPE scholarships apparently go to students at the schools with the richest students. Of course, we don't know what percentage of those scholarships go to the poorest of students at those "rich" schools. As usual, Knox County's inner-city schools are the poorest, and, except for rural Gibbs High School, receive the least in Tennessee Lottery HOPE scholarships. West High School is an anomaly in that it is the 8th poorest school and receives the 3rd highest number of HOPE scholarships. Once again, South-Doyle (where I attended as Doyle High School) is another anomoly in that it is the 9th poorest school and students there received the highest number of scholarships other than HOPE scholarships.

What can we infer from this information? Poor people should not buy lottery tickets or they will be financing rich kids college educations?

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West High School IS an anomaly

West High has always been unique.  WHS draws students from several affluent areas of town, including Sequoyah Hills and River Bend, as well as from the inner city. 

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There's absolutely a link

There's absolutely a link between socioeconomic status and classroom performance/grades.  I noticed this first hand when I was in middle school.  Someone in their not so infinite wisdom decided to group the students into homerooms by grades and standardized test scores. (we changed classrooms during the day but stayed with our homeroom group) Everyone knew the ranking of the 5 or 6 homerooms, from #1 on down. 

Guess what the makeup of the bottom 2 homerooms was...entirely low income kids.  This was a rural/suburban school, so they were not inner city, but just as poor.  There were some lower income kids in the upper classes, but not what we would call "dirt poor".

I always thought how disheartening it would have been to know you were in the #5 or #6 class. 

This was in the early '80s, I really hope they have realized what a horrible idea this practice was.

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another interesting figure

another interesting figure regarding South - Doyle. SD students received the greatest percentage of "other scholarship money." I think that is du to the efforts of the college / scholarship / financial aid advisor that is on staff. I think Farragut and South-Doyle are the only schools with that position.

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