Feb 20 2018
07:53 am

Jamie Satterfield reports on a disturbing situation involving a possible school security threat, a communication breakdown trying to respond, and a broken electronic alert system...

Knox County Schools was warned of shooting threat but security unreachable, alert system down


Knox Board of Education members say security is adequate

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It should also be noted that

It should also be noted that someone at the KNS dropped the ball and allowed some actual journalism to occur.

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I thought that was a great

I thought that was a great article. I was totally surprised to see it in the USA Today-Tennessee paper until the Mr. reminded me it was Jamie Satterfield.

The kid and his mother said he was making a joke.

She said her son “has never been in trouble” and made the threats to “act cool.”

She allowed the investigators to talk to her son. He admitted that he and another boy were “talking about the recent school shooting in Florida” with other students during a break between classes and he and the other boy “began joking about the shooting.”

The boy denied threatening to shoot anyone but himself and insisted the threat of killing himself at the school was a joke. The boy’s mother said she and her son were set for a second meeting with Lutton that morning.

KPD offered the boy’s mother a mental health evaluation of the boy, but she declined.

I guess they have to make changes to the active shooter training to include NOT making jokes about teenagers (our future) getting killed.

Although, maybe some people learn from the president, who reportedly golfed yesterday while funerals were held for high school students in Parkland, FL.

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Another local child (Oak

Another local child (Oak Ridge) thought it would be funny to joke about shooting up a school.

Another Oak Ridge middle school student was charged Thursday with threatening to "shoot up the school" during a moment of silence for the 17 victims of last week's school shooting in Parkland, Florida, police said.

The 13-year-old male student was immediately taken to the principal's office, where Oak Ridge Police Department officers questioned him.

The boy admitted making the threat but apologized and insisted he was "joking," police said in a news release.

The boy was expelled and released to a parent. Police then arrested him on charges of harassment, disruption of a gathering and false reporting, which is a felony. The boy was taken to the Richard L. Bean Juvenile Detention Center in Knoxville.

Not so funny now.

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It has not been reported that

It has not been reported that this William Blount High School sophomore thought it would be funny, but he did make "threats about “shooting up the school,” according to Blount County Sheriff’s Office."

The juvenile detention centers are filling up.

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Another threat to shoot up

Another threat to shoot up school by a Clinton High School student.

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Another school shooting threat

Another school shooting threat. This time by a Knox County middle school student. This student threatened a teacher, "You're on my hit list".

Are we going to have to build more juvenile detention centers?

Why are these kids making death threats?

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Another school shooting threat

Then another school shooting threat. Another middle school student, this time from Blount County.

A 14-year-old boy was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly commented over the past two weeks that he wanted to shoot someone.

charged with delinquent by making false reports

taken to the Blount County juvenile detention facility

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