Jul 20 2006
11:24 am
By: StaceyDiamond

WBIR missed part of the story about whether or not candidate flyers can be handed out at the mall. Candidates were told early on that they COULD campaign inside the mall within the 100 foot rule. If for whatever reason the mall changed their mind it WAS THE ELECTION COMMISSION'S RESPONSIBILTY to move the site. Instead of trying to shut Amy's campaign as well as the county clerk's computer lab down, Billy Tindell should have just got his own flyers and joined Amy and let the public decide. I guess after no competition in 16 years he and his machine are a little freaked out. Stacey

michael kaplan's picture

free speech

free speech on private property has been a big issue since the advent of shopping malls. courts have ruled both ways.

if a shopping mall can't guaranteed free speech, i.e. the right to sign petitions and distribute literature behind the 100 foot line, then public offices should be removed from the mall. imo, of course.

Stacey's picture


They were told they could campaign in that vicinity at the 100 ft mark, but I don't know by whom. Stacey

Greg Mackay's picture

Who are "they"? And who told

Who are "they"? And who told them? You made the statement, back it up.

Anonymous's picture

who was it?

I bet it was her cat that told her. You know, the one that pooped in her sink that she posted about here once.

Greg Mackay's picture

Your chance

I still contend that no one told any candidate that they could campaign at the Mall. Here is your chance to prove me wrong in front of the whole world.
Give us the names of the candidate and mall manager. Or let this candidate come forward. We all know they are reading this.

If I am wrong I will admit it and apologize.

Stacey's picture

my chance

Candidates are reading this, if they want to come forward they can. You and Hornback can say silly stuff all you want. You know what I'm talking about. Stacey

Greg Mackay's picture


No candidates were told they could campaign inside the mall.

Anonymous's picture

Greg: She can not and will

Greg: She can not and will not back it up. Historically she makes stuff up in her mind and believes it to be the truth. Voices in her head, you know. Prove me wrong, Stacey. back it up.

Stacey's picture


Mall management told a trustworthy candidate, then they changed their minds after they got a call from Billy Tindell. Now sheriffs deputies are standing there waiting to see that nobody changes diapers in the computer lab or hands out flyers. Greg you are a sell-out that fooled people in to thinking you were their friends. I have told people for a year not to trust you, now maybe they belive me. Stacey

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