There are a lot of requirements if you want to vote in Kansas. You must be 18 years old. You need to show a photo ID at your polling place and show proof of U.S. citizenship when you register to vote. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights says the state's voter ID laws are among the strictest in the nation.

But when it comes to the rules about who can run for state office? There are no rules.

"Under Kansas law, there is no law governing the qualifications for governor, not one," Bryan Caskey, director of elections at the Kansas secretary of state's office, told The Kansas City Star last year. "So there's seriously nothing on the books that lays out anything, no age, no residency, no experience. Nothing."

Kansas Scrambles To Change Rules After 6 Teens Enter Governor's Race

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Pretty cool. The fee for

Pretty cool.

The fee for governor-lieutenant governor teams is $2,207 but it drops to $670 if candidates gather signatures from 5,000 registered voters. Independent candidates must gather the signatures.

It wouldn't surprise me if one or more makes it on the ballot. Good for those young men.

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I appreciate the kids’

I appreciate the kids’ advocacy and spirit.

Making further mockery of government systems already being strained to the breaking point is not really the way to fix things, however.

Besides, given the fact that kids under 18 can’t sign legal documents for themselves, if one of these kids were elected, who would co-sign everything for the new Governor? Never mind the complete lack of experience. Kansas would have an executive branch with no legal authority.

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