May 31 2006
11:30 am

Here's a scary thought. The GOP has gone so far to the right that politicians have to run as Democrats -- in Kansas!

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Here in Texas...

Here in Texas, the newspapers (at least the DMN) has made it sound like the governor couldn't find anyone to serve as a running mate from the Democratic party, so she asked someone from the other side of the aisle with name recognition to run as her running mate. And since the Gov. and Lt. Gov. run as a single ticket in Kansas, Parkinson had to switch his party affiliation in order to run. Anyway, it is certainly an interesting story.

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Former party leaders don't switch their registration and run against their old party for the convenience of their new party.  This may not say much in favor of Kansas Democrats, but it says a world about the extremism of the Kansas Republican Party.

Liberty and justice for all.

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