Aug 17 2006
09:28 am

Johnia Berry's roommate, Jason Aymami, is finally speaking out at to defend himself. Jason was in the apartment the night of the murder, and was also stabbed. He escaped and ran to the apartment building next door to knock on doors to get help. When no one answered, he ran to a convenience store and called 911.

Because he was there, he was a natural suspect, but to me the facts didn't fit. Blood evidence shows there was a third person in the apartment who ran out the back (Johnia and Jason ran out the front). Beyond that, it doesn't make sense to me that he would have called 911 if he had been the murderer, or that he would have left her alive in the apartment (she staggered out of the apartment and knocked on doors, but as with Jason no one answered).

Unfortunately, what starts out as reasonable speculation sometimes turns into ridiculous conjecture. People have speculated that Jason was into drugs, and the murder was a drug deal gone bad, or that he was gay and his lover killed Johnia. Someone recently said that Jason was lying when he said that the car stereo and CDs weren't his, and that his uncle who sells those sorts of things at Green Acres gave them to him. I think it finally got to be too much for Jason to ignore.

Before I get to Jason's comments, I should mention that Johnia's mother has asked Jason to appear on a television show about the murder in hopes of getting information about the killer, and Jason has agreed to appear.

Here's Jason's first comment:

Well I can see how many people really tend to like me out there and I thank you all for your love and support. I really don't feel like defending all the flack I am getting right now because they would have to up the server space to take all the writing I would have to do. Just to clear somethings up I want to let everyone know that I do not have an Uncle in Knoxville, TN all of my family lives in Denver, Colorado...Where I am orginally from...that's why I moved back home after this terrible incident. I visit this website everyday to see the new blogs and words don't hurt me so I really don't take offense to the comments people post about me. Everyone has theories and I don't mind them at all. Words do not hurt me at all. I am just glad people get on this website everyday and write what they think...That's the point of a blog. As for me I wanted to let everyone know that I didn't flee I moved back here to Colorado to be with my family. I moved to TN with my parents and they moved back to Colorado after finding out it wasn't for them. I stayed to entered College at ETSU where I graduated with a BBA in Accounting. I don't speak my mind about this case because it is at the discretion of my lawyer I am sorry. I follow his adivce not others people's advice. He actually has my best interests on his mind not his own. If anyone has any questions for me or anything else I will start to post on this blog. Just leave a message and I'll try to get back I check this thing every day.

Jason Aymami (Jason A as I am known on here)

Answering a question about the killer:

I don't know who the third person in the apartment was because the third person was the one that attacked me. I made the claim in an interview that it could be plausible that there was another person there with the killer...but I didn't see him but I gave that as a reason of why Johnia didn't make it out like I did. If there was only one killer in the apartment if Johnia wasn't injured beyond moving already I'm pretty sure she would have made it out of there unless there was someone else there. I have cooperated but when Keith Lyons looks you straight in the face and tells me that he will make sure I go down for this because he has a "feeling" that I was into drugs and other illegal activity and just was never caught....hence cutting up my brand new furniture to look for drugs....tear my car apart looking for drugs....then I am sorry I am going to sever all ties with the sherriff's department. If they believe I know something else they are mislead and I am sorry for that as of many of the people here. I just got a call today from the Montel Williams show and they would like me to be on the show and I volunteered to do so. It has been long enough people need to finally hear what really happened that night from my point of view exactly what I saw...what happened that night....

Why he's stayed out of the media until now:

I also wanted to let people know that I don't want to do interviews and tv media and press releases because I don't want to be remembered as a stabbing victim..Yes I want this guy caught and put behind bars..but I would also like to get my life back on track. Since the incident my life is not hunky dory as everyone thinks it is. I have had nightmares, sleeplessness, pain. People act like as if this incident does not bother me because of how I handle myself in public but believe me it's different at home. It's been almost two years since the incident and I just finally got enough balls to get my own apartment again. My brother and sister in law were nice enough to give me a place to stay while I still recovered. It's hard to be almost 25 years old and to be afraid to go to bed at night in your own home. The financial strain of the incident has also produced much stress. Insurance only covered about 25% of my hospital bills, for my "superficial" stab wounds that were 2 millimeteres from puncturing my eye, severed a gland in my cheek that produces saliva, multiple cuts on my hands that weren't treated because they bagged my hands, and a chest wound that was suspected of causing a pneumo-thorax, so call those superficial if you want, because of deductibles not being met. Just wanted to clear up a few more things.

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It is very interesting that America's Most Wanted was asked to help with this case and they agreed but King Hutchinson refused to cooperate. I wonder why? What is the KSD afraid of?

 And speaking of old cases with the Sheriff, does anyone else find it extremely unusualy how the Northshore drive duputy shooting has been kept so quiet? It was talked about for about 2 days and then nothing. This despite a woman being kidnapped in the van?

Both of these cases seem odd to me.



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I just recently found out

I just recently found out that I have signed a lease at the same apartment complex where this terrible incident occurred. Just from reading up on it through the internet and blogs that have been posted, my heart goes out to Johania and Jason. Both of them victims. I now am considering other options but would like to know others opinions on the apartment complex itself and it's safety. If anyone has comments or other information about the complex i would appreciate that. Again my prayers are with both families and me heart goes out to you Jason.
God Bless!

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Jason, I do not blame you


I do not blame you for moving back to Colorado. I have lived in Knoxville most of my life and there are a lot of ignorant people who reside here. It is very unfortunate what happened to you and Johnia on that terrible day when Johnia was murdered. You are a strong person Jason. You're as strong as I will ever be. It is very shameful that these ignorant people are making these horrible accusations about you without first learning all the facts about the incident.
If you are reading this blog Jason I wish you the best, and I hope that Johnia's killer will be brought to justice and dealt with severely.

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