Jan 4 2009
08:52 am

The Chattanoogan reports a "high Republican source*" as saying Bill Frist has decided not to run for governor, opening the field for Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam and Third District U.S. Congressman Zach Wamp to duke it out in a Republican primary. According to the article, Wamp will announce on Monday.

A.C. Kleinheider has an interesting analysis of Frist's decision. Apparently it involves a clever strategy of running for president by not running for president or anything else.

(*The Chattanoogan does not say what the Republican source was high on. Heh.)

UPDATE: And as Betty Bean notes in comments, don't forget Rep. Marsha Blackburn from the 7th.

UPDATE: It's official.

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There will be a one-hour breakfast meeting at Pilot Corp. headquarters next Wednesday (Jan. 7) where about 100 guests will hear a status report on Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam’s plans to run for governor in 2010.

Bbeanster's picture

The boys would be

The boys would be well-advised to watch out for Marsha Blackburn. Her red meat credentials are very appealing to the bunch that appears to be taking over the Volunteer State. She could sneak in and take it while they're duking it out amongst themselves. Oye.

And what the hell are the Dems doing?

Rachel's picture

Just thinking about Governor

Just thinking about Governor Blackburn makes me ill. I really, really, really do not like that woman.

R. Neal's picture

Lincoln Davis has all but

Lincoln Davis has all but said he will run. Harold Ford Jr. has also been mentioned. I heard one other name but don't remember who it was. That Purcell guy who was Mayor of Nashville would be good.

GDrinnen2's picture


Isn't she the only one to form an exploratory committee?

R. Neal's picture

Oh, yeah, that was one other

Oh, yeah, that was one other name I heard.

KC's picture

Sen. Jamie Woodson had been

Sen. Jamie Woodson had been mentioned as a possible candidate, but I haven't heard her name mentioned in the latest round. Has anyone heard anything about that?

GDrinnen2's picture

Considering she threw her

Considering she threw her hat in the ring 8 months ago, its not a good sign that she hasn't come to mind on this blog. I'm surprised at the lack of Dem. movement for this race.

mjw's picture

On WATE this morning

Actually, she was on Gene Patterson's show this morning.

Andy Axel's picture

I'm surprised at the lack

I'm surprised at the lack of Dem. movement for this race.


Since the TNDP has been little more than a shambling Bredesen PR/re-elect committee for the last eight years (managing to lose a century-long grip on both the House and Senate in rapid succession in the last couple of cycles), I'd be shocked to hear that they *had* a plan.

Bredesen will probably get a nice going-away party, though.


Dirty deeds done dirt cheap! Special holidays, Sundays and rates!

Bbeanster's picture

Bill Purcell has made it

Bill Purcell has made it pretty clear that he will not be running for guv. He has the job he wants:


Too bad. I like the heck out of Purcell, and He'd be a good candidate -- although I'm not sure he's electable in the current Tennessee political climate. He's from Philly, I believe, and our politics don't really suit him. I'll be surprised if he ever comes back.

Lincoln Davis has a great name and really good hair.

HFJ? Doubt he'll spend any of his political capital on such a long shot.

Kim McMillan sponsored the income tax bill for Naifeh. That won't work out well for her.

Ragsdale2010's picture

Has Ragsdlale Announced his intentions for 2010?

I'm sure inquiring minds would like to know and at one point in time, his intentions of running for governor in 2010 were well communicated.

Bbeanster's picture

Since he's been traveling

Since he's been traveling around the state introducing Haslam, I presume he plans to support BH.

Sandra Clark's picture

Wamp will fold

He reneged on his pledge for term limits. He opposed the bailout bill -- right up until he voted for it.

Wamp will fold. -- s.

Nobody's picture

Ford is now a joke

and Wamp sucks. My take.

GDrinnen2's picture

I don't think Jamie will be

I don't think Jamie will be a candidate this time. At one time, I thought she'd run this round. However, she is an incredible organizer and would already be well-primed for a run if she was going to jump in.

She would be an interesting candidate pulling votes from all the current field. She has strong family ties in Memphis (Gibbons), represented part of Wamp's district in the State House, and would give Knox Republicans an alternative to Haslam.

I think if she could come up with a fundraising strategy she could be a strong contender. I just don't sense that its happening. I think she's a legislator through and through.

Justin's picture

She needs to hunt moose from

For a woman to be elected gov in TN she would need to hunt moose from helicopters and have about 6 children before running. Naming them with funny first names is a plus.

bizgrrl's picture

Hah! Agreed.

Hah! Agreed.

Andy Axel's picture

The real funny thing? The

The real funny thing? The TN GOP currently has more women in leadership positions than does the TNDP.

So, yeah. You're far more likely to get a Gov. Marsha Blackburn or Beth Harwell than a Gov. Kim McMillan or Rosalind Kurita.


Dirty deeds done dirt cheap! Special holidays, Sundays and rates!

KC's picture

I think she's a legislator

I think she's a legislator through and through.

True she's a very competent legislator, but I think she's also proven herself as a very competent leader, both politically and legislatively.

GDrinnen2's picture

Oh I'm not at all saying she

Oh I'm not at all saying she couldn't do it. I'm saying I think she would be more likely to go for a higher legislative seat than executive position.

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