A Maryville police officer was shot and killed today. Because they were close by, the officer and a Blount County deputy, both members of the 5th Judicial District Drug Task Force, responded to a domestic violence call in Alcoa.

When they exited their vehicle, the perpetrator had exited the house, armed with a firearm, and began shooting."

The Maryville Daily Times had an editorial today on the increase in domestic violence. "War is still hell on home front"

The officer has three children. Very sad.

WATE story.

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Brian Stalans

My deepest condolences to Office Moats' family & coworkers. According to multiple online sources, Stalans has an interesting background. He's an Air Force veteran who later worked for the NSA...National Security Agency. I also found a listing with his name & photo, matching his media images, claiming him to be a member of an east TN paranormal investigation group. (link...)

You couldn't get me to be a police officer and deal with the general population at a moment's notice, at any salary.

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Unable to find any online

Unable to find any online source that says he worked for the NSA. Link?

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Stalans / NSA


Scroll down to, "Brian Keith Stalans' Professional Information." And, just to elaborate, this is the right guy. Same middle name, lives in Maryville, and is related to "Kenneth"....his dad, whom he'd first confronted, earlier this past Thursday.

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A Bit More

WBIR is now reporting the Air Force background, but no NSA connection, and mentions Stalans' work for an international outfit named Teleperformance. Here's his work & developmental history.


Something must have gone horribly wrong inside this man's head. And, while the officer's death is the most important part of this tale, it would appear from the WBIR account that law enforcement had known for some time how dangerous Stalans was and yet nothing was done (or could be done?) until Thursday's tragedy. I'll assume more on this aspect will become public, in the days ahead.

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