Here's Tim and Glenn hanging out at Nick n J's off of Lovell showing their public health leadership by not following the guidelines that THEIR OWN KNOX COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT SET. All of this while ironically authoring a bill that would require

public health experts from various levels of governments, small business owners, governors, and members of the President’s Economic Recovery Task Force to establish guidelines for protecting consumers and employees from the coronavirus when participating in the reopened economy.

All they had to do was take a picture with masks on to give a gentle nod to the CDC preventive measure guidelines that Tim's legislation references, not to mention Martha Buchanan and the frontline health professionals who are dealing with this crisis. Instead what's worse is that their obvious finger-flipping at their own local public health department and workers whose protection is needed by a mask-wearing public is an unmistakable, clear signal via modelling and wink-nudging to the general public that the virus is not a big deal. Meanwhile they could easily be asymptomatically spreading covid in one of our most beloved restaurants.

Let's be crystal clear - during a pandemic public health crisis with a highly transmissible, deadly virus it is your job as a politician to model correct behavior. Period.

Glenn Jacobs out in public not wearing a mask yet again even though his own public health department just mandated it last Thursday. These guys are a joke.

Cue the comments asking something about how you eat a hamburger with a mask on.

preview_burchett without a mask.JPG

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Let's see if Tim's bill works.

Someone should file a written complaint on Nick and Jays and get them shut down until they pay and establish an action plan that is approved by a health inspector and they should be fined for violating health department directives.

And I probably need my head examined for attempting to reach out acroos the aisle looking for bipartisan cooperation.

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I'll miss Nick and Jays.

It was a go-to Saturday lunch spot.

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Elect clowns

Expect a circus.

Didn't take long for those guys to shove it back in my face, did it?

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Knoxville's reopen plan.


The question neither Glenn Jacobs, nor his partner in crime Martin Daniels, have answered and have been avoiding is, "Will you be accountable and hold yourselves responsible if the Swedish Protocol you are endorsing and implementing blows up in Knoxville and sends our death rate through the roof like it's done in Sweden?" Will you willingly turn yourselves over to the world court and face trial at the Hague for your crimes against humanity? It's the lives of Knox County residents you're gambling with. Will you be accountable?

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Good leaders provide good models for the people

We need leaders who have our best interest in mind, and act in a way that exhibits virtues. Otherwise there will be confusion and chaos.

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