Jul 10 2006
11:26 am

The title in the Tennessean says: GOP Senate hopefuls say Iraq war isn't an issue

Yet, the article says:

Negative public opinion about the war in Iraq won't be much of a factor in next month's Republican U.S. Senate primary, according to the three main candidates.

Former Chattanooga Mayor Bob Corker and former U.S. Reps. Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary say Republican primary voters in Tennessee generally support President Bush and the war in Iraq.

The candidates instead are focusing on issues like abortion, immigration and federal spending.

But a Middle Tennessee State University poll released in March found Bush's approval rating in the state was 42 percent — from 55 percent a year earlier — while one in four of those polled said the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were the No. 1 problem for the country.

The MTSU poll of 626 adults had a margin for error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Now, if I were a GOP candidate running for Senate, maybe I'd run against my own party, too.

We'll see if this strategy works out.

WhitesCreek's picture

I think it might not be an

I think it might not be an issue in the Primary, but I plan to do all I can to help make it one in the General election.

 (Hear that, Junior?)


Jeanne's picture

War? What war?

The same AP story is in the KNS with the headline: "Voters not talking about Iraq"

Ford is quoted as saying "I don't know what world my Republican opponents are living in..." As evidenced in the article, they're living in a cliche riddled lala land (fight the terrorists over there..., more boots on the ground, Monday morning quarterbacking, yada yada yada).

Does anyone know even ONE person, voter or not, who isn't talking about Iraq?

Steve Plonk's picture

Which War?

It seems the divide seems to be Afghanistan vrs. Iraq. However, the "Twilight Zone War" against Terrorism ,as I call it, is taking us to the countries of Georgia, Pakistan, the Phillipines, Columbia and various other locations. This is a long drawn out conflict between the forces of various terrorist organizations throughout the world and the forces "of the willing", namely mostly us and the United Kingdom. However, even Germany and France have sent logistical troops to Afghanistan. So all countries have an interest in resolving the terror question throughout the world. China is suprisingly lending a hand as is Japan. We are not alone on this earth in our perception of the terrorists being a threat to civilization as we know it. Terrorism seems like a pervasive threat as was Communism in the fifties and so on...or so the fearmongers tell us.

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